Monday, May 31, 2010

the Avengers #1 - Marvel

What a cool issue. The actual Avengers are back together . . finally. And basically, it's all at the request of Steve Rogers. He's now the 'top-cop' in America, so . . it looks like he definitely won't be leading this team, and . . he may not be participating that much either. I'm sure he'll be there when needed, but . . 'I have an entire country to worry about.' So he's picked Maria Hill for the job. Which makes Tony happy because he was afraid that if he and Steve were on the same team, they'd probably end up killing each other. And although Steve has recruited pretty much everybody from the previous Avengers, and Initiative books . . Wonder Man has refused to join. 'From my point of view . . the Super Hero Civil War, the mutant decimation, the Skrull invasion, Norman Osborn, they have . . they all have one thing in common . . they are the Avengers' fault. I know you can't see it yet, Steve. But I hope to god you figure it out before it's to late. Free yourself from this. Don't be part of the problem. I hope you change your mind. Because if you don't . . I'll change it for you.' Those are pretty strong words. And it looks like we only have until next issue to see what Simon's going to do about it. Meanwhile, this issue . . Kang attacks. Sort of. He shows up, and they meet him with force, but . . he's actually here to give the Avengers a warning. 'This is the world your children live in. A world completely ruined and reinvented by Ultron. As you secretly knew he one day would . . Ultron came back and finally destroyed you and the world. Your children grew up in a world you were completely unable to protect. But your children , it seems, without you to guide them, destroyed Ultron and took over his empire. And they have done so with a ruthlessness that Alexander the Great would wince at. They are on a collision course to destroy the universe because they are wielding power they do not know how to control. You need to go to the future and stop them before they do.' Which of course poses all kinds of questions, which Kang cannot, or will not answer. But the most important is from Tony, 'I don't have a time machine. I don't know how to see into the future.' To which Kang simply responds, 'You will. When your team is complete.' Very oblique! They're not sure how to solve this problem . . yet. But Tony's already starting to put some theories together. And Wolverine seems to have somebody in mind. Meanwhile, when Kang returns to the future, we see that he's working in league with the Emperor Hulk and . . somebody else. I'm not sure who. But I'm a sure that we'll see more of them. I thought it was a great first issue. Brian Bendis did a good job of putting the team back together. And he's already introduced 2 possible future threats to the team . . Wonder Man, and this 'future business'. Plus, the 'future business' is going to influence the shape of the team as they need someone who can figure out their dilemma. Someone they may or may not have recruited initially. Which I think puts an interesting twist on things. I also think it's ironic, and appropriate that John Romita Jr is doing the pencils on this series. He's been there for an awful lot of the Avengers' history. It seemed natural for him to be here for the beginning of this chapter. I thought it was a great start, and I can't wait to see where we go from here.

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