Sunday, May 23, 2010

Doc Savage #2 - DC

All of these attacks on Doc Savage . . his friends, family, holdings . . were thought to be the focus of an unknown enemy. But when everyone is brought together in Clark's cousin Pat's television studio . . it centralizes the attack and the enemy is revealed. It turns out that they've been targeted by . . the government. Well . . maybe not the whole government, but at least one faction of it that feels . . 'This country's gone to hell since the war. Everyone's soft. They look to heroes like you to solve thier problems instead of doing it themselves. Like we used to!' So I guess they feel that any hero figure is actually a detriment to personal initiative. I guess that's one way of looking at things. Anyways, they attack, and then blind everybody with light to make their getaway. However, when they do . . they only take Monk with them. You'd think their target would've been Clark. The issue ends with Clark jumping towards the swinging ladder of the dirigible as it leaves. But . . he misses, and is in freefall on the final frame. I thought it was an interesting issue. I don't know a whole lot about this character, so . . I haven't really gotten in to it yet, but . . it is interesting. Paul Malmont seems to be doing a pretty decent job with the story. And I've always been a fan of Howard Porter's. Also I loved both covers by JG Jones and John Cassaday. They both looked pretty cool. We also get a back-up story about Justice Inc, by Jason Starr and Scott Hampton. I think I'll enjoy this series when I learn more about the characters. For now, it seems like an interesting crime drama which I accidentally turned the channel to. You know . . I haven't seen it before, but . . it holds my attention.

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