Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Mutants #13 - Marvel

The only thing bad about this big mega cross-overs is that . . I bought this book because I like the New Mutants. Yeah, they're in here . . kind of. And the ones that aren't, they explain where they are, but . . for the most part this was just another chapter of the Second Coming storyline. Which is fine, because . . that's what going on right now. But . . I really wanted to catch up with the New Mutants. So, to that end . . here's what going on with the kids right now . . Warlock is grieving because he promised, quite a few years ago, that he would never absorb another sentient life. However, in their fight against Hodge last issue, Doug had read the situation . . with his understanding of all languages, spoken and unspoken . . Doug's assessment of the situation was that the only chance they had of surviving the situation was for Warlock to absorb Cameron Hodge. He had to be coaxed quite a bit, and even then he was reluctant, but . . in the end he did it for his teammates. Now . . he's living in shame. Also during that fight Shan lost a leg. Illyana's been taken to Limbo. Apparently because of something Bastion's team hit her with, but . . we don't have the specifics of that yet. Also Sam is gone because he's leading the rescue team in their search of Limbo. And Danielle picks a fight with Hope this issue. I think it's the frustration, really, that everybody is feeling. Because of all the hits, and loses, the X-Men have suffered . . everyone is on edge right now. Also, right now, all of this is going on Scott's faith that Hope is the salvation of the mutant race. And, other than his faith, they don't really have anything to base that off of. So everybody, I think, is on edge. Danielle just decides to let some of it out. Also, this issue . . in Bastion's attempt to disable the X-Men's means of transportation . . any means . . he takes out the Vanisher. And Donald Pierce finally makes himself known . . he's been wandering around the X-Men facility for a little while now . . by blowing up the X-Men's hanger and everything in it. His reward? Scott incinerates him with his optic blast. And the X-Club have gone to one of Bastion's oil rigs. At first they don't understand what's going on. Everything looks normal. But then they find one of his towers . . camouflaged. But it appears they've also activated a self-destruct sequence. Their fate will be seen in the Blind Science one shot. And finally Hope admits to Cable . . 'Coming here was a mistake. I was sick of running. I was tired of fighting . . I was tired of eating rats. When I said I was ready . . I lied.' Well . . that's not a good thing. I thought Zeb Wells did a great job with this issue. Yes I would've liked to have seen a bit more of the New Mutants, but . . it is what it is. It was still an exciting story, and another chapter in the Second Coming story-line.There was some great art this issue by Ibraim Roberson and Lan Medina. And some fantastic covers by Adi Granov and David Finch. I really hope this whole thing pays off for the X-Men, because they've gone through an awful lot on this journey. It would be a shame if they didn't get any rewards.

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