Sunday, May 23, 2010

Avengers: the Initiative #35 - Marvel

This is the final issue of this series, and . . I'm actually going to miss this one. There was a few times in the beginning of this series that we actually wondered how long it would last, but . . I think it actually got better as it went along. And to me it was always because of that first class of recruits. But if you really want to see the next generation of Marvel heroes, Chris Gage will be taking on the Avengers Academy next, with Mike McKone. I won't be following it because . . well, I just really don't want to add any more titles to the already growing list. I'm having a hard enough time as it is keeping up . . both with time and cash. But . . that's not to say that if I find a cheap copy on E-bay that I won't pick it up. It's just not a priority for me. Anyways, back to this book . . basically . . Asgard has fallen. Loki has recalled the Rune Stones that he gave to the Hood, so . . he and everybody else that he granted magical powers to have been left with their hands in the kettle. And with the renewed vigor that Captain America seems to have brought to the real heroes, they don't really have much of a chance standing up against them. And since Norman has been arrested . . most of the non-super people following him . . the HAMMER agents, have just given up. 'Most of us had problems with what he was doing, anyway. This isn't a fight we want.' But there are some sad moments. The Constrictor and Diamondback go their own ways. Taskmaster makes good his escape . . as does the Hood and Madame Masque. It looks like the Warriors are going to be sticking together in some for or another. Komodo is ready to blow away the Baron when Cloud 9 shows up. But she's also got Hardball with her. Whom Komodo is seriously pissed at. But then he gives her an injection that turns off her SPIN nanites, immediately giving her powers back. They haven't' worked through all the issues, but . . I think they're back on the road to recovery. As it Tigra who is pleased that the Hood has been incarcerated. Luckily she wasn't the one that caught up to him first, because if so . . I think things would've ended differently. All in all, I thought it was a nice wrap-up to this entire series. But don't worry. With all the various Avengers book coming out next month, I'm sure you'll see your favorites from here in some form or another. Right now it seems to be up in the air though as to where everyone will land. Anyways, nice art by Jorge Molina. And as I said, Christos and Mike will be in Avenger's Academy next month. I'm sure it'll be more of the same . . but different.

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