Monday, May 31, 2010

Detective Comics #865 - DC

This issue wraps up the story of Jeremiah Arkham. And it explains quite a lot, actually. It seems that Jeremiah's madness goes all the way back to his early days when he was treating one of his first patients, Dr Hugo Strange. In that time, Strange started playing with Jeremiah's mind, manipulating him. Shortly after, Jeremiah started working with the Joker. He's the one that gave him the Marotte . . the stick with the clown head on top. Apparently it was soaked with the same poison that the Black Mask used later to make his false-face slaves. Anyways, it turns out that Strange and the Joker were working together, and through the poison, and both of their manipulations they fractured him off into a split personality. That's where the Black Mask came from. But that wasn't the end of it. Jeremiah's beauties . . the 3 special patients that he kept to himself . . they were also a figment of his imagination, as was the Jester . . the Joker kind of wanna-be, with Jeremiah's face. Jeremiah seems to be recuperating and is in the medical ward of Arkham. But there's also bigger problems. Alyce Sinner, Jeremiah's assistant, was in love with the Black Mask. So, apparently to test her lover, she allows Zsasz to gain access to his room. By the time Batman arrives, expecting Jeremiah to have been killed by Zsasz, he finds that instead Jeremiah has subdued him and carved his initials on his eyeball. Which allows Alyce and Jeremiah to be together . . apparently unfettered, because . . she's also been named as director of the asylum. Talk about handing the keys to the inmates. We thought we had seen a lot of crazy stuff come out of this place, but I have a feeling we ain't seen nothin' yet. I thought this was a fantastic story-arc by David Hine and Jeremy Haun. I really like the way that everything fell together, and it really sets us up for some craziness in the future. Fan-frikkin-tastic!! And in the Question feature . . it certainly doesn't end as expected. Last issue Vandal Savage gave the girls an ultimatum, either one of them willingly takes the 'Mark of Cain' from him, or . . he kills them both. Both of them are selfless, and both are looking out for the other. Huntress knocks out Renee and begins the process with Vandal. But before they can finish, Renee comes to Helena's rescue and stops her from making a fatal mistake. However, the mark does indeed disappear from Vandal's face. But . . Helena doesn't have it. So where did it go? We don't know for sure, but . . Renee refuses to take off her mask. 'Maybe later!' Again, setting up a strange stage for future stories of this character. I can't wait to see what happens. This part is brought to us by Greg Rucka and Cully Hamner. I wasn't really thrilled with the way this story started, but . . it certainly paid off with the ending. I wonder where we'll find Renee next?

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