Saturday, May 29, 2010

the Amazing Spider-man #631 - Marvel

Maybe I'm just thinking about this Gauntlet thing all wrong. I assumed that the Kravens would be putting Spider-man through a Gauntlet comprised of his various foes. It seems that the Kravens have been pulling different ones under their umbrella . . I assumed for protection. I thought it was for a coordinated effort, but . . now I'm starting to think that they're trying to make them into better villains . . or better with their powers. So the Gauntlet may be what the Kravens are putting all of them through. I guess the end result would be that they make Spider-man's life harder because of the escalation of the threats. So, this issue is the second half of Curt Connor's story. Basically what happens is . . the Kraven's push Curt to become the Lizard. Since that transformation is based largely on his emotions, and lately Curt has been obsessed with trying to work through custody agreements to get his son back . . it stood to reason that once changed he would make a bee-line towards the object of his most extreme emotions . . his son. I don't know if it was Spider-man's fault . . he did slow him down some on the way there. But by the time they reach the house, the Kravens have already taken him. Spider-man can't follow him, because there's injured people at the house, but the Lizard picks up Billy's scent. Which is exactly what Ana intended. The other problem with the Lizard is that he's constantly fighting, internally, with Curt's id. It's almost like there's 2 brains controlling this beast. So the Lizard wants Curt to suffer. And since they're essentially the same person . . Curt has to watch, and feel, and taste whatever the Lizard does. When he finds Billy . . he attacks him . . and eats him. The purpose of this exercise was that Ana wanted to kill Curt's persona. She wanted him to essentially die, so that only the Lizard remains. It looks like she may have accomplished that. Anyways, in the beginning of the story, she also goes after Kaine. But Kaine's been hunted before. And he knows how to fight back. She may have made a mistake by trying to go after him. If Kaine thinks that he has no other recourse, he may go to Spider-man for help. I thought that Zeb Wells did a decent job with the story. Once again we don't see any of Spidey's supporting cast. Well . . except for Carlie. And that was pretty much in a professional capacity. So I didn't like that part. But . . Zeb did keep it interesting and exciting. Another unfortunate occurrence this issue is that Chris Bachalo only does the art on about 1/2 the issue. Emma Rios does the art for the first 8 pages . . the part about Kaine. To me . . Chris really saved the book. It was ok, overall. But . . it would've just been another issue without Chris' amazing art. Next issue is part 3 of this story, but . . I don't know what else can happen. The Lizard has already been transformed. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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