Sunday, May 23, 2010

Booster Gold #32 - DC

I think both Keith Giffen and JM DeMatteis are hugely talented people. But . . there's something about when the two of them get together that things tend to be a little over the top . . as far as humor, I mean. There's a joke that they carry on through this book with this little girl that Michael is trying to save on Daxam. She has to go to the bathroom. So while the planet is being carpet-burned by a bunch of angry Daxamites, with their heat vision . . and Booster is a few hundred feet underground trying to save a few of it's people, and retrieve a relic for Rip . . at the same time they're looking for a bathroom for this little girl. While it was funny, and kind of ironic . . at first . . it felt like they dragged it out way to long. And I know that they were trying to show the intensity, or severity of the situation, but . . I find it odd that these people would be cracking jokes. Also, Booster is mad at himself for even taking this mission in the first place. Sometimes when Rip asks him to do stuff he just jumps in without thinking. So while he's trying to save these people, and someone asks who he is, he sarcastically replies . . 'Just call me Major Idiot.' That ends up being another joke that's carried throughout most of the issue. So anyways, my point is . . while I appreciate both of these guys' talent, I think we can tone down the 'idiocy' a bit. It'll still be an exciting, and fun read. But . . that's just my opinion. Anyways, it ends up that Michael has come to the 30th century because he needed to retrieve the Helmet of Fate. The next day, Darksied would be taking over Daxam, so . . it would've fallen into his hands. That would not have been good. So, while Michael does take comfort that he saved the universe . . once again, he's still upset about the lives that were lost. So much so that he brought the little girl, Rani, back with him to Rip's lab. Hard telling how that's going to affect things, but . . with Booster's luck, I'm sure it'll cause some kind of major problem. Overall I enjoyed the issue. I think they've done a great job with this incarnation. Between Geoff and Dan, they've laid a pretty solid foundation here. Plus, the future should be exciting because at the end of this issue Michael find out that Max is back. Chris Batista took over on the art with this issue. I thought it looked good. I liked it. Yes I think the feel of this book will change a bit, but . . I think we're still in good hands. So . . I'm hopefully optimistic.


  1. you are right
    these guys are like "gold" when they are together
    this has been a really surprising series
    it's a very good re-read , reading the series from #1 onward , in one or two sittings

  2. Good luck with that. There are a few spots that are a little confusing. But overall I really like it. I think they've done a great job with the character development.