Saturday, May 29, 2010

X-Men Forever #24 - Marvel

I can't believe, with all that's happened . . we're still only just finishing up the first year of this title . . the first chapter. And the results of that first year? Looking back, we've lost Logan, Hank and Tony Stark. While some characters have been forever changed . . Kitty, Ororo, Creed, Kurt and Rogue. Fury has firmly entrenched a portion of SHIELD within the X-Men's ranks. Because of the Consortium SHIELD has been corrupted. Tony needs to figure out how deep that corruption goes, and how to bring down the Consortium. And in the meantime, the X-Men are facing the extinction of their species . . with 'mutant burnout'. And that's just a quick recap . . of the first year. Yes, if you aren't reading this one . . you missed a whole lot of stuff. But I think in this issue, while laying Hank to rest, also provides us with some of the set-up for the second year. I think SHIELD, and Fury specifically, will be playing a much bigger part of things. Plus they'll be intertwined within the X-Men. Fury's pick of Daisy, Remy and Creed as his black-ops team should prove to be very interesting. And Scott, Jean and the Professor are trying to figure out the future of the school . . and the X-Men. I think we'll probably see more of the people we didn't see this year . . Bobby, Moira, Alex and the Starjammers, and maybe even the Avengers. Just to name a few. And with all of this going on, there's still the ever-present threat of the Consortium looming over things. Yes I think the second year . . Chapter 2, is going to be just as exciting as the first . . if not more. Chris Claremont has put together a very cool project here. And I'm sure, no matter what he started with . . his initial plans, it's probably grown into a monster since. So I expect a whole lot more twists and turns as we proceed into the future. Tom Grummett was here for this issue . . as he was in the beginning. And it looks like Mike Grell will be providing some art for the Giant-Sized issue, next week. Yes this is the final issue, but . . it's really only just the beginning. I'm telling you, if you aren't following this one, you need to pick up the TPB and get caught up. It's like we're on a giant roller-coaster, but we've only gone over the first hill. There's still a whole lot more to come.

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