Tuesday, May 11, 2010

the Boys #42 - Dynamite Entertainment

We don't make much progress in the story this issue. Hughie is still sitting on the worst super-team ever, Super-Duper. They're so dumb, they don't even know that Hughie is watching them. Even though he just happened to be there to save one of their lives last issue, and this issue . . after one of them accidentally lands on his car, they invite him in for tea. Anyways, Butcher is punishing him because he spotted him with Annie . . the Starlighter. Butcher knows she's with the Seven, but Hughie doesn't. Hell, Hughie doesn't even know she's a 'super'. However . . Butcher is naturally suspicious. And even thought Hughie has been with them all this time, he still thinks that he might be a plant by Vought-American. Apparently he's just one of those conspiracy nuts. Or in this case, someone who believes in long drawn out plot-lines. Anyways, Mother's Milk doesn't know what Butcher is up to, but he doesn't like the way he's treating Hughie. And, seeing as how they're not getting all the same information that Butcher is . . he's starting to think that Butcher may be up to something. If they'd all just sit down and talk, they could get this all sorted out. But that's not going to happen. They're all to hard-headed. Plus their ego far outweighs their intelligence. Anyways, the only thing that really happens this issue is that Annie continues to write her letter to Hughie. She wants to come clean about everything, and . . she wants to quit the Seven. Both of which I think are going to be harder than she expects. And, Malchemical, after getting into an argument with Auntie Sis and with Hughie, decides to use his powers to start mucking with the team a bit. We see him get a deep dark secret out of Auntie Sis this issue, but I'm just wondering what he's going to do to mess with Hughie. Oh yeah, and out of frustration, it looks like Mother's Milk is going straight to the horse's mouth, as it were, to get some answers . . that guy from Vought-American. So . . even though this particular issue was a bit boring, I'm still in the league of fans that feels that this book is fantastic. I love the way that Garth Ennis pokes fun at the traditional super-hero genre. And now it feels like he's starting to explore the psychological make-up of this team and just what exactly all of this cloak and dagger stuff can do to one's perspective. Hughie actually seems the most balanced of them all. While Butcher seems to be starting to fray around the edges. But if you deal with liars, and cheats, and thieves, and whores every day . . I'd imagine that's what you'd start to think about everyone around you. Who do you trust? And who helps to keep you grounded? 42 issues later and I still enjoy every installment of this series. Of course, Darick Robertson's art doesn't hurt either. This story-arc wraps up next issue. I can't wait to see what happens.

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