Monday, May 31, 2010

Green Hornet Year One #3 - Dynamite Entertainment

I like the way they've set up the story in this book. Not only does it give us 'Year One' of the Green Hornet, but it also shows us the circumstances leading up to Britt Reid and Kato's meeting. Britt was an adventurer, and wandering the world. He ended up in China about 6 months before Japan attacked. Unfortunately he became trapped in the city because of the war and the fighting. Likewise, Kato had reluctantly taken up with the Japanese army. He knew that the attack on China was wrong, but at the same time his honor demanded that he defend his country. He could best do that in the army. Unfortunately, there was no honor in the army, or in war. He found himself witness to all form of atrocities forced upon innocent people . . simply because they weren't Japanese. So he became Ronin. He was skilled, but . . it was still only a matter of time before he would be overcome. Luckily, before he was killed, Britt saw what was happening and saved him. And that's how they became connected. The rest of the story takes place in 1938 Chicago. We see the Green Hornet terrorizing the gangs. And chopping away at them, piece by piece. Obviously Matt Wagner is very skilled in these tales . . and it shows. But I was surprised by Aaron Campbell's pencils. Most of this issue is done with heavy shadows, as is appropriate to how the Green Hornet operates. And it really looked fantastic. Plus it had that 'old' look to it . . both in history, and in comic stylings. It was actually kind of refreshing from some of the other books I've read. I thought it was another great issue.

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