Saturday, May 29, 2010

X-Men Legacy #236 - Marvel

Bastion has provided several distractions for the X-Men. It appears that the 'tower' on the oil rig was a distraction to get the X-Club off the island. And then . . it was rigged to explode. Luckily they figured it out before then and made it to land relatively unscathed. Meanwhile, on the island, the armory and hanger were hit. But that was just a distraction to get the X-Men inside, while the real attack came from the outside. But it comes in some form of an almost plasma like construct. They see it in the sky, forming and growing, but before they can react . . they're encased in what appears to be a giant dome. But upon further inspection from both the inside and the outside . . remember the X-Club made it to shore . . and Namor's input from in the ocean, they find it to be a sphere. They're basically locked in a bubble. On the outside, the X-Club, who are also joined by the new Avengers find it to be . . 'It's quantum irresolvable. Scan it with an electron beam, it shows as matter. Touch it with a probe and it's energy. It's a barricade that knows how to duck.' And on the inside, the X-Men find a glowing metallic sphere on the Golden Gate bridge. It's not moving, so they assume it's the center of the construct. But with Psylock's scans, she finds it to be a portal. Soon after a Nimrod comes through the portal. And then . . many more. It looks like the crap just hit the fan. While all of this is happening, Nathan and Hope have a discussion because of her comments last issue. He offers to take her on a jump into the future. She really wants to get away. But after much deliberation, she decides that she has to stay and help her friends. And, I thought Bastion and Mr Creed had an interesting conversation. In it, after they think they've won, Bastion poses the question . .'What will define us now, Mr Creed? What purpose will we serve once this profane edifice . . homo sapiens superior . . has fallen? It was such a fine campaign. Such a glorious war. But slaughter . . necessary as it is . . is banal. It does not tax us. It does not ennoble us.' So what I'm wondering is . . will Bastion decide that it's better to have an enemy undefeated than no enemy at all? Hmm!! Very interesting! He may not deal the final stoke with the severity that he once thought he would. There may be a little trepidation in his killing stroke. I thought Mike Carey and Greg Land did a fantastic job with this issue. I love the direction the story is taking. And I think it poses a unique question. What would someone do if they found that it's actions, although correct in it's beliefs, would result in their becoming obsolete? That's something that'll toss around in your mind for a while.

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