Saturday, May 29, 2010

DC Universe: Legacies #1 - DC

I really liked this story. I especially liked the approach that Len Wein took to telling it. I've read the previews and such, but I didn't know quite what to expect here. I kind of thought that it would just be another retelling of the origin stories. But this one is told from the perspective of a couple or streetwise kids. It's the 30's or 40's and they're doing what they can to survive. In other words . . hustling. Obviously they're best friends, but Jimmy has much looser morals than does Paulie. Basically, they're collecting protection money for the local mob. I think Paulie knows what they're doing, just not the severity of it . . as does Jimmy. Anyways, there's a local merchant couple whom they're friendly with but . . he hasn't paid in a few week. After giving Mr Moran the news, the next day he has him run over. I think that's when Paulie finally realizes the consequences of the endeavor. Anyways, the murder draws the attention of the Crimson Avenger. And that's the first time Paulie sees a 'costume' in person. From there we see reports of other ones making their appearance known. Later, the boys are doing some legwork for a bootlegger and Paulie has to call out to the Atom because he doesn't think that he sees the guy behind him with the gun. Because of this, after they take the gang down, Sandman and Atom stop the boys as they're trying to run away. The Atom talks to Paulie and gives him his card. And shortly after that we see the announcement of the Justice Society on Life Magazine. I thought it was a neat perspective on the story. Like I said, it's from the boys point of view, but . . it's told to us by a much more mature Paul Lincoln, as he fondly remembers his youthful days in Suicide Slums. Scott Kolins does the art for the intro with Paul, and then Andy Kubert and Joe Kubert do the art for the main story. In the back-up, we get kind of the same story . . but different, from a couple of Detective's point of view. Their investigating a robbery at a wealthy estate, and the stories that the guests have told put Dr Fate and the Spectre in the mix of things. From there they speculate about other stories that they've heard about these 2 and Zatarra. I like how these stories are showing the emergence of the 'capes', without actually getting into the origins. We just see the beginning of their exploits from the person on the street's point of view. It was a couple of entertaining tales. The second story is by Len and JG Jones. And it looks like next issue we move into the Golden Age. I think this is going to be a very entertaining 10 issue series, and I can't wait to get further in to it.

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