Monday, May 31, 2010

Wolverine Origins #48 - Marvel

Even though this issue really brings about the end of this story-line . . you just know that this isn't the last we've seen of Romulus or Daken. Logan takes Romulus up to the Howlett estate, in Canada, because this is where it all started. Where James/Logan was born. And where his destructive path was created. He makes an attempt to kill him, with the Muramasa blade, but instead banishes him into the Darkforce dimension. But you have to ask yourself, this is a pretty strong-willed and resourceful guy. So . . how long do you really think that Cloak is going to be able to keep him here? But . . that's a battle for future issues. Anyways, Logan has decided that in order to change things . . the future, his destiny, whatever . . he has to get off this path where he thirsts for revenge. If he's learned nothing else from Romulus it's that that path never ends. And it causes a whole lot of heartache along the way. Which is something he's learned from the Silver Samurai also. 'When you allow your rage to take over . . your balance is destroyed. The balance in your mind. The balance in your heart. Fight for what you love, Wolverine . . not for what you hate.' Anyways, once he puts Romulus in the cabinet, he then goes after Daken. It looks like he's going to kill him, but . . in the end we find out that he's simply removed his claws . . his connection to his father, and Romulus. I know this isn't the end of the story, but . . it does wrap it up for now. And I think Daniel Way and Will Conrad did a great job with it. Now this series, as well as the other Wolverine books will be wrapping up in the next month or 2 . . #50 is the end of this series, #90 of Dark Wolverine and #16 of Weapon X. It appears that there's going to be a Wolverine family of comics out in September. They'll be starting with Wolverine: Road to Hell, and then followed with the relaunch of his own book, as well as Daken: Dark Wolverine and X-23. So, apparently, when they say Wolverine family of books . . they mean the family part literally. And I'm sure, somewhere down the line, we're going to have another Romulus story-line, or mini-series. It's inevitable.

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