Saturday, May 29, 2010

Superman / Batman #72 - DC

This issue we don't actually see Superman and Batman together . . except on the cover. But, Batman is still there to help Superman when he needs it. Superman is out in space chasing a rather large asteroid that is headed towards an inhabited planet. He breaks it up, but then, upon further inspection, he finds that there's still one rather large chunk heading towards the planet's surface. He prevents any mass destruction, but . . there's a piece of Kryptonite hidden inside the rock and it sends Superman for a loop. He ends up crash landing in the city. He feels bad, because he wrecks a building, so he puts it back together as best he can. But then he has to take off for home because he's got plans with Lois. However, he didn't get all of the pieces put back, and it appears that this building was some kind of religious icon. The people seem very upset afterwards. Which pleases Lex. It seems that he's been watching Superman, as he travels through space, with some kind of experimental quantum spy satellite. He's been waiting for just such an opportunity. A chance to get some more people, or aliens, on his side. In the meantime though, Lois has been abducted. When she was taken, she hit the signal device in her ring, but since Superman is off-planet . . Batman comes to her aid. Well . . at least he's looking for her. It appears that she's been taken by some type of cult that worships Superman. And they feel that she's made a transgression against him. 'You should have been the holy vessel to bear a child of Krypton and Earth, but you spurned Superman to marry a human. You must pay for your choice.' And they're getting ready to burn her at the stake. The issue ends with Batman still looking for her, and Superman on his way back, but . . still very far out in space. I thought it was an interesting story. I'm curious as to where they're heading with it. Paul Levitz writes it, and Jerry Ordway does a painted style of art for this issue. And we get a fantastic cover by Fabrizio Fiorentino. My only problem with this book is that sometimes we aren't told just where these stories fit into either of our heroes time-lines. And sometimes they seem like stories from alternate Earths. But we don't always know which is which. Well . . we do by the end of the story. But as we're going along, it's not always explained. I guess that's just the price we pay for having 2 of the world's greatest heroes in the same book. And it's not going to stop me from buying it, so . . why bring it up. Right?

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