Sunday, May 23, 2010

Superman: War of the Superman #2 - DC

Stuff is coming at us pretty fast and furious with this series. It's 4 issues done during May and June. That's why, overall, it's called the 100 Minute War. Although this issue is titled, the Battle for Mars. So there's not going to be a lot of slow spots during this series. We start out with Superwoman smashing into the Daily Planet and snatching up her sister, Lois. Lois is on a vendetta to stop her father, and apparently Lucy is pretty upset with her. She takes her straight to her father. Meanwhile, Superman has to catch up with Kara because she fuming mad. She was in the room with her mother when something happened to Reactron and he blew up the planet . . as well as her mother. Superman calms her down and convinces her that the only way they're going to stop this, and save both the Earthlings and the Kryptonians, is to work together. Meanwhile, Nightwing & Flamebird, Jimmy, Steel, the Guardian and Connor, as well as Krypto, have gone straight to the source . . General Lane's hidden base. Apparently it's hidden under Mt Rushmore. And this group is getting ready to storm it. Also meanwhile . . I guess General Lane has also taken control of the Human Defense Corps. And he launched it's entire arsenal, which is on Mars, directly at the approaching Kryptonians, and their fleet. But Zod expected this and has sent half their force to Mars to stop their intervention. This is where Superman and Kara end up . . trying to break up the battle with minimum casualties. While the other half of Zod's forces are rapidly approaching Earth. But General Lane still has a trick or two up his sleeve. With Lex's help, they launch a rocket at the sun . . and turn it red. Which catches all the Kryptonians flying through space completely off guard. The Kryptonian fleet will be fine. But Zod's got a lot of his army flying straight at Earth, and Mars, under their own power. It appears that Clark and Kara will also be caught in this 'loss of power'. So far, I think this series is much more exciting than the previous one. But . . it is shorter, and coming out much more frequently. It's brought to us by Sterling Gates, James Robinson, and Eduardo Pansica. With covers by Eddy Barrows and Aaron Lopresti. I can't wait to see what happens next. But don't worry . . if you're not following it . . I'm sure it'll be out in TPB before August. You should at least check it out there.

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