Monday, May 31, 2010

Ultimate Enemy #4 - Marvel

Ok . . so who is the Ultimate enemy? Well . . that's a complicated story. We really got 2 stories going on now. Yes the enemy attacked, but . . they've got him/it contained now. Well, maybe not contained so much as . . they're holding it. Carol Danvers is interrogating it. And she makes a pretty good argument for cooperation, but . . she just doesn't have the lack of morals to follow through with the threats. So . . she calls in Nick Fury. Now Nick goes at him with extreme vigor. He's not afraid of getting his hands dirty, or causing a few bruises. But, again . . there's just a certain line that he's not going to cross. So then they call in . . Hawkeye. 'We'll be starting with your reproductive organs.' And almost immediately, he at least starts getting sounds out of this guy. They're guttural and express agony, but . . they're something. 'Now you know why god gave you 2 of almost everything. It's so you get a second chance to answer the question.' But when he starts talking, it's sounds like Catholic school-girl rhetoric. 'I am . . the creation of the creator. Your society does not work. Your morals are corrupted beyond repair. It is your choices that bring this punishment. And out of this destruction will come a new world. A clean world. A world of true promise.' And then . . he starts taking on the form of the massive bio-organism that attacked the Roxxon building. So the answer to the previous question is . . the Ultimate Enemy is . . an Ultimate Mystery. Which happens to be the name of the next mini-series. So, yes he talked, but . . we didn't really get any answers that can help us. Anyways, the other part of the story is about Ben. During the firefight last issue, outside of Peter's house, Ben started to have some kind of reaction. Pieces of his rocky hide started falling off. Well . . not so much falling off as shooting off like projectiles . . hard, rocky, not unlike shrapnel projectiles. Which made him an immediate threat to everyone around him. Plus, he seems to have some kind of energy coming out of all of these holes in his hide. So . . they take him to the Triskelion so he can be contained, watched and monitored. But there's nothing they can really do, but let whatever this is run it's course. Which it does . . in a big explosion of energy and light, which results in Ben finally coming out the other side. But . . now he looks like a big human flashlight. Or, actually, kind of like Mr Negative when he's powered up, from the Amazing Spider-man books. And, after the attack at his house, Peter has decided that he's put May, and everybody else, at risk. So he wants them to all go stay somewhere else, and he's leaving until he finds out who's behind all of this. As he takes off, we see that Spider-woman is trailing him.Even though we didn't really get any answers this issue, I still thought that Brian Bendis did a great job with this story. As with all of his books, I think his strength lies in his interaction and dialogue between characters. Plus it sets us up for the next part of this story, Ultimate Mystery. Which will be done by the same creative team as the book we've just read . . Brian and Rafa Sandoval. The previews don't really give anything away, but . . it looks like the results, at least partly, of this current series is to bring the FF . . well, at least the 3 of them, back together. So I'm guessing . . this Ultimate Enemy has something to do with Reed. I know he's been killed. Or so we've been led to believe. But . . if it's not him, then it's somehow connected to him. But we won't know until we read the next series. Very tricky! I like it!

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