Tuesday, May 11, 2010

X-Men: Second Coming Revelations - Hellbound #1 - Marvel

Since this is the opening chapter of this miniseries we don't even see Illyana this time. But . . most of our time is spent with Sam as he puts his team together to go after her. Even though he's the leader of the New Mutants, he doesn't really use any of those team-mates. As with the first trip into this realm, most of the team is made up of the Young X-Men . . the kids. First of all they want the heavy hitters left on Utopia, just in case Bastion does attack. And secondly, I think . . these kids were actually successful the first time. Yeah they took a few hits, but overall they made it through relatively unscathed. Maybe Sam is hoping that they'll get just as lucky the second time. But just in case, he's bringing Gambit along. 'I need someone to keep their eye on the prize, no matter what happens down there. I need a thief. She could be hurt, Remy. She could be dying.' So they finally enter the realm. And they're pretty much overwhelmed by what they're faced with. This is a dimension that is constantly in change. It's basically at the whim of it's master. But apparently Belasco and S'ym also doesn't know where Illyana is located. However, Belasco seems happy when S'ym tells him that the X-Men have come looking for their team-mate. Especially when he finds out that Pixie is among them. 'She will lead me to Magik. And then Magik will die. And Limbo will be mine, forever. The rest of the mutants . . kill them!' I'm guessing whatever it was that Bastion's men hit her with . . trying to stop her teleportation powers, also affected her magic. Because that's when the hole between her and Limbo opened and she was snatched. She seemed just as surprised about it as everybody else. And a little bit afraid. Because she knew where she was heading. We've had a couple of mini-series about Illyana in the past. I'm interested to see how Chris Yost is going to make this one different. Harvey Tolibao did a good job with the art. Well . . we're off on another excursion to Limbo. And it looks like Remy is going to be the first one affected. 'Remy's not home right now.'

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