Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nemesis - the Impostors #3 - DC

Tom Tresser is a fantastic character. If, albeit . . a little strange. At least he is right now. Ever since the Escape mini-series, where he was a prisoner in Electric City . . a prisoner of Brother Eye, Tom is having more than a few problems with his mental acuity. He still doesn't know exactly what it was he was supposed to have learned, or why he was being tested. But now he's having problems telling dreams from reality. And he's having problems with losing time. All of this has made him seem kind of dangerous and paranoid to his peers . . specifically Batman and Wonder Woman. Through all of this though, he's pursuing something called the Council. He's figured out who some of it's members are, but he's not having any luck gathering any information. As soon as he brings up the name Andrew Bell . . they shut down. One of them even ends up committing suicide. 'Believe it or not, I'm kind of at peace. The minute you mentioned his name, I knew I was already dead.' Which is how the issue ends. Apparently, somehow, Tom has figured out the location of Mr Bell, probably through list last guy's resources, and has taken his helicopter to go after him. But Mr Bell knows he's coming and has an army waiting. Anyways, through all of this Tom is still getting his visions of Brother Eye. Batman and Wonder Woman have found Tom's base. But, as usual he's one step ahead of them. And while he's doing all of this, I believe Tom is being watched by this same Council. There is an observation that Tom makes that I think his interesting. While posing as one of the Council members he thinks, 'Wearing someone else's face can be disorienting. Wearing ten, the edges of their personalities start to blur.' I'm not sure what that has to do with the story, but I think it's a big key. I guess we'll have to wait until next issue to find out as this mini-series wraps up. I think Ivan Brandon is doing an interesting job here. I think he's got all the pieces laying out in front of us . . right now. He's just not showing us how they're all fitting together. Like I said, I think Tom is a terrific character and I much prefer him in this role than that of Wonder Woman's boyfriend. Cliff Richards does a great job with the art. And this issue sports another fantastic cover by Daniel Luvisi.

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