Saturday, May 29, 2010

Brightest Day #2 - DC

I like the way that Geoff Johns and Peter J Tomasi are approaching this series. Right now we're getting bits and pieces of the lives of the people that were brought back to us in Coast City. We see that they're dealing with their resurrections, but . . that event also seems to have changed them. The problem is, in some cases, I'm not even sure that they know that they've changed. Or they do . . and they just don't want to admit it. Ray Palmer is trying to help Professor Stein, who in turn is trying to help Ronnie and Jason. They're both part of the Firestorm Matrix, but . . right now, they're stuck together. And they seem to be a combination of Ronnie and Jason's Firestorm. But when Ray immerses himself into their persona . . it seems that the Firestorm Matrix is fighting back. And, either there's someone else in there with them, or . . the Matrix has taken on an identity of it's own. Next we see a family that's somehow being affected by J'onn's return. This normal looking woman is fixing dinner for her family, when she sees on the TV the J'onn has been resurrected. She calmly starts killing her family and peeling the skin off her body. I'm not sure what's going on, but I'm guessing that these are some undercover White Martian . . or 'Sleeper' Martians, as it were. But J'onn is also looking into his arrival on Earth. In some mental flashes that he's received lately, he realizes that it wasn't just he and Dr Erdel in the room when he. arrived. His daughter was also there. So he wants to find out what she remembers about that day. Also Hawkman and Hawkwoman have followed the trail of the abductors of their remains back to the Peruvian jungle. It appears that Hath Set has decided the mess with them again. But Hawkman decides that he's going to take the fight to him, this time. But all of this seems to be happening pretty easily. I'm wondering if they're not playing right into Hath Set's hands. And Boston Brand is still stuck bouncing around from returned hero, to returned hero. Once again he happens upon Arthur and Mera. And he notices that whenever Arthur dives into the ocean . . all the sea-life in his immediate vicinity die. But before he can do anything, he's led around by the White Ring again. By the way . . he's the only one that got one. But right now . . I'm guessing that he wishes he hadn't. He's like a steer being led around by the nose. He can't control where he goes, he just has to try and absorb as much information as possible from wherever he lands. But, at the end of this issue, the ring takes him someplace where it tells him . . 'FIGHT!' 'Fight what!?', he replies. But when he turns around, he's standing face to face with the Anti-Monitor. I wondered when we were going to see him again. I enjoyed this issue. I think Geoff and Peter are doing a great job. And I'm enjoying the plethora of artistic talent. Of course Ivan Reis contributes on each of these issues, but we also get art from Patrick Gleason, Adrian Syaf, Scott Clark and Joe Prado. I think the issue was a fantastic effort on all of their parts. We also get 2 amazing covers by Ivan Reis and David Finch. I'm trying really hard not to speculate on where any of this is going. Right now it's just a fantastic ride, which I want to enjoy. Maybe as we get further into the series, and more details from Geoff and Peter, it'll be easier to tell what the direction and goal here is. But for now . . I just want to be entertained and thrilled. So far . . my expectations have been met. Thank You!

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