Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Red Robin #12 - DC

I'm really enjoying Marcus To's art. He seems to be improving with every issue. And I love that cover. This issue wraps up the Ra's al Ghul story-line. After Tim's trip to Europe . . and his involvement with the League of Assassins, Ra's has vowed to destroy all that Bruce Wayne holds dear, and everything he's built. Last issue he came to Gotham, with a squad of assassins . . and a lawyer. He had an assassin target everyone that Bruce, or Tim held dear. And while he was keeping Tim busy with that, his plan was to use the fake Bruce Wayne, Thomas Elliot . . Hush, and have him sign over all of Bruce's holding to Ra's. But Tim had a plan also. First of all he didn't try to fight Ra's or fix this on his own. He called in his friends for help. So while Ra's is setting up the board, Tim is mirroring it with his own teammates. Also, he worked with Lucius to set himself up as an emancipated minor. Therefore he could have Bruce's holding transferred to him. Tim is now the majority shareholder of Wayne Enterprises. As well as it's CEO. Tim ended up blocking him at every turn. And finally . . he engages Ra's in some banter, and a personal fight. Tim knows he can't win. But he has to keep Ra's busy long enough for Lucius to get all the paperwork filed, and to make sure that Thomas Elliot can't do any more damage. In the end though, we find out that it's all been a test. Ra's is once again looking for a suitable heir. And apparently he's got his sights now set on Tim. He just had to make sure that he was worthy. I'm not sure who he'll be 'mating' with, but . . I'm sure we'll find out in the near future. Also, Vicki Vale is causing a stir. She's been looking into Tim's 'adventures', and has a story circulating that he's about to get married. To who? To Lucius' daughter, Tam. I don't know how she put that story together, but she seems to be positioning herself as a huge thorn in the Wayne back-side. I don't care who Tim dresses himself up as, I think he's a great character. I think Chris Yost is doing a good job of chronicling his adventures in this title. And, as I said, I'm loving Marcus' work.


  1. I'm sorry to say but Yost is finished with Red Robin, I do agree with you he was doing really, really well, but alas he is done.

  2. Ya, I see that Fabian Nicieza is taking over with next issue. I'll miss Chris, but . . I really like Fabian's work also. Plus he might be good for this book. But I thought Chris did a great job with the first 12 issues.