Sunday, May 23, 2010

Incredible Hulk #609 - Marvel

This issue we bounce back and forth between the real world, and the fantasy world that the Leader has locked all of these great minds into. In the fantasy world, Bruce has everything that he ever hoped for. He's recognized academically, as well has having a loving family with Betty and their 2 kids. Things seem a little bit off, but . . he's happy with what he has, so . . he's not fighting it very much. That is until Doom brings it to his attention that apparently everyone else that stuck in here seems to be getting dumber. In the end, Bruce creates the device to get them out, but he has a tough time making the choice of leaving or staying. In the end, he decides he loves the real Betty more than the one in this world. And out in the real world, A-Bomb and Skaar are trying to stand up to the Hulked-Out-Heroes. Well, that and Talbot has created an army of Hulked-Out-Soldiers which he intends on using to follow through with a coup on the government. I didn't realize that he was that ambitious. Anyways, Rick needs Bruce's help so he eventually makes his way to where the Leader is holding them. He arrives just as Bruce has broken free of the brain-draining device. And he still has enough fortitude to defeat Doom shortly thereafter. But the Savage Red She-Hulk is not far behind Rick. And Skaar is right behind her. In trying to protect his father he shoves his blade through the gut of the Red She-Hulk. And as she lays dying it's revealed that it's actually . . Betty. I have to say . . I didn't see that one coming. Now we need to see a story on how this happened, and how she was talked in to, or coerced into doing this. I thought this was an interesting story by Greg Pak. And the art by Paul Pelletier was fantastic. I'm not sure how long I'll keep following this story, but . . for now . . it's holding my interest.

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