Sunday, May 23, 2010

the New Avengers Finale #1 - Marvel

Unfortunately, I think it was a little much reading all of these Avengers titles right in a row. Which is part of the reason I think with the relaunch I'm just going to read Avengers and Secret Avengers. I know there's like 6 0r 7 different titles, and I'm sure they're going to shake up the teams a bit so you have to buy more books to find all your favorite characters, but . . sometimes . . it's just to much! Especially considering that with these 3 books they all told me pretty much the same thing. Yes they wrapped up the storylines with most of the characters specific to each title, but . . the whole thing with Asgard, Norman Osborn and the Hood was all pretty much the same. The big 'reveal' in this issue is that the New Avengers go on one last mission. The war and everything is over, but with the Hood running free they just feel like there's a loose end floating around out there. So they go after him. They get at him through his cousin, John King. Madame Masque, who is now 'with' the Hood asks a favor of her father, Count Nefaria, to give the Hood some powers. Which he'll gladly do for his daughter . . and all the monies she and the Hood have gathered up . . every last penny of it. So when King leads them to the Hood, they also get Masque and the Count. And they bring the fight to them with unabashed vigor. This one is to wrap things up and get the world back on track. So they aren't going to let anything stop them. In fact when they find out that the Count in essentially immortal . . they call in their little immortality crusher . . Wolverine. Even being immortal, it's going to take him a little while to recover from that. So anyways, by the end of the issue we find out that the President has repealed the Registration Act. He's named Steve Rogers as the 'top-cop', in place of Norman. And all these 'outlaw' heroes can go about their lives, free and clear. All in all, it's a happy ending. Despite being a bit overwhelmed by all of this . . I did enjoy the book. I thought Brian Bendis did a great job of wrapping everything up. And Bryan Hitch and Stuart Immonen did a fantastic job with the art. There's no less than 12 double page spreads in this issue. And 7 full page panels. I especially liked Bryan's take on Wolverine when he shows him jumping into the fray with the Count. It was a good issue. I liked it. And I liked the way most of the storylines were wrapped up. Everybody pretty much has a fresh beginning to start all the new series with. So now it's time to ring in the Heroic Age. Let the pomp and ceremony begin!

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