Saturday, May 29, 2010

X-Factor #205 - Marvel

This team, it appears, is going to be a little harder to take down than Bastion originally thought. The fire-fight in the woods last issue? Well . . Darwin was posed as Jaime, driving the truck. And the rest of the passengers? They were all holograms . . hard-light constructs. As I thought, when Jaime has Shatterstar take the money from Creel, he saw where it came from and what they were up to. He was then able to throw a wrench into this part of his plan. The problem is . . they're just going to keep coming, and . . I think Jaime is starting to feel guilty for not being on Utopia and helping the rest of the X-Men. If this is what he's facing, he can only imagine what the rest of the X-Men have on their plate. But, all of his planning wasn't enough to stop the attack on Theresa at the Dublin Airport. Bastion has a team there waiting for her, when she's flagged when trying to board a flight back to the states. And they appear to be finishing the job when Shatterstar and Layla show up. And in South America Guido finds out, while trying to rescue Monet and her father, that Baron Mordo is actually just trying to stay alive. He's got cancer and there's something in Monet's power that seems to stave it over when he absorbs it. I'm guessing . . he's going to have to become part of the team in order to stay close to her. At least until he finds someone who can heal him. Remember, the X-Men have a couple of people able to do that. We'll just have to see if they're willing. But first they'll have to get past Trask and his men. Bastion is pissed about the results of Trask's current operations. And in order to make him happy, Trask is going to have to step it up. I really liked the way this issue proceeded, and it's tie-in to the Second Coming story-line. Peter David did a good job of showing just how much Trask had underestimated this teams potential. Especially when their fellow member's lives are on the line. Even Rictor steps up and helps them gather a little information. Also, Valentine De Landro has been doing a great job with the art on this series. I think that he's progressing nicely, and has brought a good feel to this book. I'm digging this whole Second Coming storyline, so . . it's hard for me to say that this is my favorite X-title right now. But . . we'll see . . afterwards.

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