Monday, May 31, 2010

X-Force #27 - Marvel

This was pretty much an all fight issue. Last issue the entirely of Utopia, and part of San Francisco, was encased within a giant energy bubble. The center of the bubble seemed to be on the Golden Gate Bridge. Where there also was a smaller one. While the big red bubble stopped the X-Men from getting out, and anyone else from getting in to stop them . . the smaller bubble seemed to be a teleport spot. And at the end of the last chapter they got a glimpse of what was coming through after them . . Nimrods . . advanced super-Sentinels from the future. I don't know how Bastion got ahold of these, but . . he was sending them in to kill the X-Men. That's why the first 10 pages of this book are nothing but fight scenes. It appears that many X-Men have been hurt, and maybe even a few killed, but we don't know all the details yet. After that there's a lull in the battle, but it appears that the Nimrods are just gathering their forces and they expect another wave at any time. While the portal was open, the X-Men were able to scan inside and see just exactly what they were up against. According to all readings . . the scans overloading after the reached 170.000 Nimrods. So basically . . they're screwed. But Scott has one last hope. With Cable's time-jumping capabilities, he decides to send him and the rest of X-Force into the future to try to stop the attack before they come back. They want Doug to interface with the tech and shut it down. And again, this is the first time most of those gathered here have even heard to X-Force's existence. There's one more problem. Scott has basically signed their death-sentence. Cable only has one more jump available to him. So by sending these guys into the future . . there's no guarantee that they'll be able to find a way back. And just as they leave . . more Nimrods begin coming through. This was a very intense issue by Craig Kyle, Chris Yost and Mike Choi. And Mike did a fantastic job on the art. The only thing I'm kind of iffy about is this whole 'stuck in the future' thing. I mean . . the Nimrod's can come back, so the obviously have the technology. So if Doug is successful and does take control of them, then . . he also controls their tech. Right? So . . if they can come back, then they'll obviously be able to send the X-Men back. It doesn't seem all that earth-shattering to me. Of course . . they still have to get past those 170,000 Sentinels to make their plan work, so . . I think I'd be more worried about that. I still enjoyed the book though.

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