Sunday, May 23, 2010

X-Men Forever #23 - Marvel

The last issue ended with our team aboard the Consortium satellite. The clandestine group was getting ready to set off a machine that will disperse Plague X across the planet, speeding up the 'burnout' of mutants. They've found the machine, and plan on blowing it up, but they have to make sure it doesn't activate before the timers go off. If so . . it could be worse than just firing off the device. It could extinguish all life as we know it from the planet. So someone has to stay behind to make sure that the machine doesn't activate . . either by remote or by design. Hank has volunteered to do that. Meanwhile, the rest of the team is trying to fight Ziggy Trask and her Neo-Sentinels. They seem to adapt to conditions rather quickly, and their self-repair mode is amazing. The only problem is . . they're all linked in to, and controlled by Ziggy. Which makes their fighting tactics a little . . clumsy. Anyways, we find out that Tony Stark was the one that tipped Nick off. He's been undercover with the Consortium for quite a while now. And in the end, he also sacrifices himself because the task of stopping the machine is more than Hank can handle alone. But before he goes, he downloads a bunch of information off of the Consortium computers for Nick. And it appears that in the process of blowing up the machine, they also managed to get Ziggy close enough that she's caught up in the blast. Although we don't know what happened to Amelia. I don't know if she made it or not. We see that Tony shoots her, but . . I don't know if it was a kill-shot. Unfortunately, I'm sure they didn't deal much of a blow to the Consortium, as I'm sure this is only a minor fraction of their operations. I thought this was a pretty interesting issue. Chris Claremont wraps up this story-arc, but . . there's one more issue in Vol 1 of this title. Well . . issue #24, and the Giant-Sized issue. And then we'll start, probably immediately, on Vol 2. I'm enjoying Chris' approach to this title, and these characters. I like that some of the standard notions have been tossed in the air. So far in this Vol, we lost Wolverine and Hank . . not to mention Tony. But he's not an X-Men. I can't wait to see what he has in store for us in Vol 2. The art for this chapter was by Rodney Buchemi. Tom Grummett will be back for issue #24, but Mike Grell will be doing the Giant-Sized issue.

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