Sunday, May 23, 2010

X-Factor Forever #3 - Marvel

I haven't really been sold on this series yet. Even though we're already on issue #3, of 5. But I really like the X-Men Forever book, so . . I wanted to give this one a shot. Don't get me wrong, it's . . ok. I actually really like this team. But I'm just not a big Apocalypse fan. And now he's willing to take on Celestials? I just sometimes find the stories about him a little hard to swallow. Anyways, in this one, the Ship is sending information of to it's Celestial makers. Which is driving Apocalypse nuts because . . he doesn't know what's being sent. And apparently, by his intervention, something has happened to attract a Celestial to the center of Manhattan. Again, like the other series, the theme seems to be the extinction of the mutant race. Apocalypse has found a secret in Ship's transmission. And it's the fact that the Celestial's experiments seem to have failed. 'The seed of mutantkind have taken root, but it's branches are barren.' Any mutants have been born of 2 human parents. There haven't been any births with mutants mating. So the question is asked . . 'What about Christopher?' To which Apocalypse poses the question . .'Is he? Or is he like his mother. A genetic construct of Mr Sinister?' So it appears that the only way they're going to get any answers is to actually help Apocalypse sort all of this out. Can they put their animosity and hatred aside long enough to find the answers to the bigger questions? Can they trust Apocalypse? And how do we know that he's just not trying to use them? Overall, I like the story. It's just . . like I said . . I'm having a hard time buying it. It just doesn't seem to flow as smoothly as the other series. It just seems kind of forced. That said . . I think Louise Simonson is doing a good job with what she's got. Between her scripts, and Dan Panosian's art, it's really brought the feel of the old book back again. I just gotta wonder what the ultimate outcome of all of this is going to be. Right now . . I don't see any upside to any outcome or scenario. I can't wait to see how Louise pulls this one out.

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