Monday, May 31, 2010

Wonder Woman #44 - DC

This was a great issue, and a great lead-in to issue #600. First of all, Diana has to fight Theana, daughter of Astarte. She is the sister of Hippolyta. Apparently, at some time, this Citizenry came to our world. At the time it took one child from every world where it stopped for supplies, as a way to perpetuate their ranks. On our world, it was supposed to be Hippolyta. However, Astarte loved her sister so much that she offered herself up instead. Somewhere along the line she became the Captain of her vessel, and apparently her Amazon instincts kicked in as they began to not only plunder worlds for their supplies, but also pillage and raze them in the process. Leaving nothing behind. Maybe it was the 3000 years that they spent doing this, I don't know, but somehow they evolved into thugs and thieves. Anyways, Astarte decides to have Diana fight her daughter Theana. But of course she's not fighting fair. So Diana decides to pull a few fast ones herself. In the end, Diana doesn't beat Theana, so much as she gets her to consider her existence and position. However, to Astarte it's still a sign of weakness and she has her shot. Diana then proceeds to work her way through the ship until she finds and defeats Astarte. By their own laws, that makes Diana their new Captain. Her first decision is to take Astarte back to Themyscira where she wants to rehabilitate her. Good luck with that. And secondly . .'The Citizenry will never again kill, for any reason. You will find your resources on uninhabited planets.' In the end . . everyone comes together . . Diana and Hippolyta, the Amazons and the Olympians . . and Tolifhar and the white gorillas have been forgiven and are returning home. Thus cleaning the slate and setting the stage for issue #600. And it appears that with that issue J Michael Straczynski will be taking over the scripts on this title. There's a host of artists on that issue, but after that . . Don Kramer and Michael Babinski will be handling the art chores. I thought this was a great run by Gail Simone and Aaron Lopresti. Although, Nicola Scott and Travis Moore do the art on this issue. I'm sad to see Gail go. But I'm also thrilled that Birds of Prey is back. Which is where we'll find her resuming her fabulous writing. This issue was a great way to end the current run, but . . I'm really, really looking forward to the future. Bring it on!

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