Sunday, May 23, 2010

Batman: the Return of Bruce Wayne #1 - DC

I thought we'd get some more information on Bruce this issue . . how did he get here . . what's he remember . . how's his mind working . . but, we really don't. Remember in one of those Final Crisis cross-overs where we see the back of Bruce's head, and he's kneeling next to a cave wall chalking pictures onto the stone? Well this issue picks up, basically, right after that. He's apparently been back in this time . . the time of cavemen, for a little while. He's set up shelter in a cave and has already established a bit of a myth about him. There's also a spaceship. We don't really know what the relationship is, but Bruce finds a Batman symbol on it, and . . Superman's cape. But I don't think he really knows what either of these really mean. His mind seems to be jumbled, or in shock, or something. But he does fight for a tribe against Vandal Savage and his 'Blood Tribe'. Not that he knows who Vandal is. He just happens to be the leader of this other tribe's oppressors. He ends up being with them just long enough for a young boy to become enthralled with him, and don himself in homage to this 'man of bat' myth. And that's how legends are born. However, at the end of this issue, after diving off a cliff into a pond, Bruce emerges in what looks like the time of the early settlers of America. Shortly after leaving, Superman arrives in one of Booster's time spheres. Along with Green Lantern. Superman is concerned. 'Surviving is what he does. But if he survives this, if he does the impossible again . . if Batman makes it back to the 21st century on his own . . everyone dies.' I'm assuming that he's talking about the Omega radiation that he was dosed with. But I'm sure that part of the story will develop more as the series progresses. As with most Grant Morrison stories, this one seems a little oblique and vague. Obviously he doesn't want to give us all of the answers to soon. So in his usual style, he gives us just enough information to make our minds start asking a hundred questions. Most of which, I'm sure, are false leads or feints. I'm guessing it's going to be at least 3 or 4 issues before we start to get any kind of picture as to what's really going on here. But, in the meantime . . I'm sure it'll be an interesting ride. Also, with this series, I guess there's going to be a different artist each issue, as well as the cover art. Chris Sprouse provides the art this issue. As well as the variant cover. While Andy Kubert provides the other cover. Overall, I thought it was a very intriguing start to this series. Like I said, we aren't going to get very many answers right off. So, for now . . enjoy the ride. Information will be building as we go along. It's a Batman story . . it's all about the mystery and detective work.

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