Sunday, May 23, 2010

Titans - Villains for Hire Special #1 - DC

It appears that Slade has decided to put together a team of his own. And he's decided to call them . . the Titans. He doesn't say why. Just that . . 'It's personal'. His team includes the Tattooed Man, Cheshire, Osiris and a newcomer . . Cinder. This is how the credits read . . 'From the hope of a brighter day, the mercenary Deathstroke has lured four lost souls for a mission only he knows. Villains for hire. This lethal strike team tackles the most Volatile and profitable jobs in the world. These are the all new, all dangerous . . Titans!' Maybe Slade has a grander mission, but this time . . this time he's been hired by Rundine, Dwarfstar, to take out Ryan Choi . . the all new Atom. The funny thing about Slade is that no matter what he's doing, he always follows his strict code of ethics. While they're all fighting in Ryan's house, his girlfriend Amanda stops by. Slade order everyone to stand down and tells Ryan to take care of it. After Ryan talks to her and sends her away, he asks Slade why. 'She's not the mission. The mission is . . killing you.' Anyways, in order to get this band of wandering souls together, he has to promise each of them something. I just think that some of these promises are things that he's not going to be able to deliver upon. Cheshire has gotten sloppy ever since Lian died. Because of that, she screwed up her last mission. And now the target is hunting her. 'Join us and I'll make sure you're problem is taken care of. Permanently!' That one I don't have any doubt he can do. The Tattooed Man's son was killed because of the recent events in the Ink mini-series. 'Leon's murderer has gone underground. But I know where. Join us, Mark, and I'll deliver his head on a platter.' I'm sure he can deliver on that one also. However, Cinder seems to be someone that's come into her powers recently. And she appears to have suffered abuse in her life. She's been hurt enough that she's using her powers to burn away the bad men that like to hurt women. No matter what she has to do to do it. 'I'll deliver the monsters you can' t reach. Politicians. Cardinals. Kings. All you have to do is join me. You can't burn them away, Carla. No matter how hard you try.' To me, that one seems a little vague. I think he just sees her as a weapon with which all he has to do is point. Finally Osiris . . he's having trouble bringing Black Adam and Isis back to life. He's been recently brought back, so he doesn't understand why he can't return the favor. After all, both of them deserve a chance much more than he does. Slade promises him, 'I can make it so your sister and Adam live again. I have friends.' That one I have a little bit of a problem believing that he can pull off. Plus, now that they've come together and helped him kill Ryan . . Oh Yeah! Sorry! Spoiler alert! Ryan Choi is dead!, but I'll get to that in a minute . . now that they've helped him complete their first mission, he doesn't really have any incentive to actually follow through with those promises. Right now he's holding that over their heads, and using it to coerce them into staying. 'You're free to go at any time, Richards. The same goes for any one of you. Any more questions?' Of course if they do leave, then they have no hope of finding the answers they seek. Anyways, yes . . at the end of this story, Slade runs his blade through Ryan and kills him. He then delivers the body to Rundine in a matchstick box. I thought it was a great issue. The only question I had was how Ryan lasted as long as he did against these guys. According to powers and experience, these guys had Ryan trumped . . big time. And it was finally Slade that took him down. I thought Eric Wallace did a terrific job with this story. This issue he showed us how Slade brought everyone together. Even if we don't know why . . yet. The art was done by a team of talent. It includes Fabrizio Fiorentino, Mike Mayhew, Sergio Arino and Walden Wong. But when this story carries over into the Titans monthly title . . starting with issue #24, Eric and Fabrizio with be taking care of the talent. And there's some neat stuff lined up for that book, already. The Titans next target is . . Lex Luthor. And it looks like in issue #26 . . Arsenal will be joining the team. I think this is going to be an exciting series. I can't wait to see what happens.

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