Saturday, May 29, 2010

Smallville - Salvation - Season 9 Episode 21 - CW

Despite Zod's prominent appearance in this episode . . I really am getting tired of this guy, I thought this was a pretty decent show. Most of the episode is spent Clark, and Zod, separately trying to figure out what to do with, and about, the Book of Rao. Zod thinks that Clark is going to use it to kill the Kandorians . . at least that's what he's convinced his followers, but Clark has figured out that once activated the device will whisk all Kryptonians off the planet and to a world that's better suited for them. A world where they can live in peace. And I'm guessing . . without their powers. The problem is . . it'll take him also. But Clark decides that he'd rather do that than risk Zod hurting one more person on Earth. Plus, with all of his team-mates helping out with the Kandorian threat . . it's convinced him that despite his absence that the world would be left in pretty good hands. However, later on Clark does indeed activate the device, but . . in their fight, Zod had brought along a knife made out of Blue Kryptonite. That one takes away a Kryptonian's powers. Essentially, making them non-Kryptonian. So when all the others are whisked away, including Zod, Clark isn't because Zod stabbed him with the knife. The problem is, now he doesn't have any powers, he's just fallen over the edge of the building, and . . that's the end of the episode until next season. They couldn't give us much more of a cliff-hanger than that. Also, at the end of this episode, it appears that Tess has died. She was severely burnt by Zod when she confronted him in the fortress. Clark saved her, taking her back to the hospital. But apparently her extensive injuries caught up to her. But, I don't think he's story over just yet. The orderlies come out into the hall talking about how she had just died, and we see an old woman out there crocheting. Apparently she was waiting for this, and after everyone leaves she goes into the room. But we don't know who she is or what her interests in Tess are. I guess that's another mystery for next season. During this crisis Chloe and Ollie finally tell each other that they love one another. And it appears that Lois and Clark have broken up. Zod convinces her that Clark is keeping secrets. But then, before he thinks he's going to be whisked away, he goes back to say goodbye to Lois. He kisses her, in the dark obviously, but after he flies away . . I think Lois realizes that it was actually Clark. I can't imagine that they'd be a couple, kissing as much as they do, and she wouldn't recognize her own man. Which leaves their relationship kind of up in the air for next season. Which unfortunately is being heralded as it's final season. 10 years of Smallville, and it's all coming to an end. Well . . in about 21 more episodes, that is. I'm just wondering if there's going to be a spin-off from this. I can't imagine why there wouldn't. There's just so many more stories to tell. And there's lots of possibilities . . Superman: Metropolis, Justice League, Green Arrow . . there's a plethora of opportunities here. But all we can do now is sit back and watch. The new season starts Sept 24th, 2010. It should be a doozy.

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