Monday, May 31, 2010

WildCATS #23 - WildStorm

There's lots of stuff going on here, but . . it's mostly maintenance. With everything going on in the WildStorm Universe right now, and all of these books pretty much interconnected . . we get bits and pieces of several story-lines . Grunge is up in the WatchTower, and he's Spartan's second in command. He's been working on several projects, but the most important is that Spartan has tasked him with spying on John Lynch, and Team 7. Spartan doesn't trust them and is suspicious about the way they left. Anyways, Link has been working on recovering the door technology, but Grunge has some unique ideas for it's use. So he's taken over that project also. Voodoo, and the old Doctor that she took out of the Garden, are looking for the Earth's new Doctor. They're following up leads, and Battalion and Ladytron are doing the leg-work. Right now they're checking on that kid that can dream up anything. He was in the Authority books about a year ago. Anyways, for some reason they can't get a good read on him so Battalion and Ladytron need to go in for extraction. Long story short, he's not the Doctor and Battalion lobotomizes him. Meanwhile, Charis has Majestros' catatonic body and is intent on creating a child. She's turned the base in South Dakota into her own private love-den. Warblade is still trying to recuperate from his injuries . . and we find out the status of everyone else. No one has died . . yet. Link and Apollo are attempting to build a particle magnet. Basically, they want it to sweep the Earth and pull all of the harmful stuff out of the atmosphere. One of the results will be that Apollo will be able to return to Earth. And Zealot is trying to rebuild her own Coda army. Right now she's working with volunteers, but . . she's not very happy with the results. She's also got Maul doing some cloning with recovered Kheran medical samples and maternal volunteers. The problem is, they have to accelerate the gestation and the human body isn't made for that. They've already lost 6 volunteers. But Zealot doesn't really care. She just wants to get her army up and running. But it looks like Midnighter isn't to happy with her methods and goals. He's spying on her. So, like I said . . kind of a maintenance issue. There's lots of cool stuff going on, but were only getting bits and pieces right now. Adam Beechen is writing it, with Tim Seeley on the art. I think they did a pretty decent job, for what they had to work with. But I'm sure they have to coordinate everything that's going on here with the other books. It probably doesn't leave much room open for artistic license. That's the only problem with these big cross-overs, like this . . it starts to become more about all the various pieces fitting together than necessarily the story-line. But I'm holding out hope.

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