Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ultimate Avengers 2 #2 - Marvel

This is turning out to be a really good story. It's an example of what I like so much about the Ultimate Universe . . they can take chances. Things don't have to go the way they normally would. Like last issue when Fury recruited Frank Castle. He doesn't want the Punisher on his team, but . . he does want a super-soldier. So, with the outfit Frank's being fitted with . . he's going to fill those shoes. Now Fury wants Thor. Not the God of Thunder, but . . the European version of the super-soldier program. A few years ago in England, Bruce Banner went there to study with a Dr Leonard Williams. Or, as he calls himself now, Tyrone Cash and . . he's a gangster and a thug. Basically, he tried the formula on himself, and it worked. He had gone through so much of his life as an invalid, that he decided to make the most of it. So now he makes his way through third world countries, taking over their gangs and armies, and then sets up shop. At least until he wears out his welcome. At which time he just moves on to the next country. But Fury wants him for his team. He's sent Rhodey after him. Probably because, right now, he's the only one with the firepower to stand up to him. Anyways, Rhodey tells him . . 'Nobody wants to arrest you. As long as you stay away from American soil. Nobody's even messing with your livelihood. My employers don't mind turning a blind eye to foreign tyrants when they're tactically useful.' So now that Fury has his team put together he lets them he lets them know . . 'This isn't the Ultimates. It's a Death-Squad. Low-Key is the name of the game.' And they've gotten the name of their first target . . straight from the White House. It appears that they're going after . . Ghost Rider. Wow! But, I wouldn't expect anything any less shocking from Mark Millar. With Mark at the helm I knew it was going to be an exciting series, but . . Wow! This one has exceeded all of my expectations. And just like Mark's unusual and unique ideas, who'd expect the Avengers to be a Death-Squad. Crazy! But . . I love it. Also Leinel Francis Yu is doing a great job with the art. There's only 1 problem with this book . . I want more!

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