Monday, May 31, 2010

the Amazing Spider-man #632 - Marvel

This story takes an interesting turn this issue, and one that I definitely wasn't expecting. Last issue we saw that Curt Connors had once again turned into the Lizard. But this time he's being pushed to do things that he normally wouldn't. Such as . . kill his son. This seems to have been orchestrated to completely send him over the edge, and immerse his persona completely into that of the Lizard. But . . we find out this issue that it also seems to have triggered a transformation. He's morphed into something different. When Spidey finds him this issue, he thinks he's dead. But actually he's in a cocoon of sorts. When he comes out, it seems that his lizard brain has taken over. Making him both dangerous and intelligent. He now calls himself Shed. And he seems to have the ability to reach into the 'monkey-brain' of humans, and trigger the lizard part of their being. Making them much more aggressive, territorial and afraid . . I think. Afraid of Shed, it appears. Because once he activates that portion of their brains, they become his prey. So they seem much more animalistic in nature, and basically become intent on fighting to survive. He does this to Peter, but . . he runs, and seems to get far enough away to break his influence. But he's still shaken. He goes back to Curt's lab to gather up all of the antidote he can find. But it may be to late. It appears that he's begun to spread his influence and chaos across the city. With this issue Zeb Wells has definitely taken this story in a direction I wasn't expecting. Which, to me, makes it all that much more interesting. I thought it was a great story, and once again that was enhanced by the terrific artwork of Chris Bachalo. Emma Rios does the art on the final pages of the book . . the pages not about the Lizard/Shed, but rather about the people of NYC. Unfortunately, I didn't like her art nearly as much as Chris'. Like I've said before, there's just something about Chris' art that makes a book that much more fun to read. I really liked this issue, and unfortunately the story wraps up in the next one.

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