Monday, May 31, 2010

Secret Avengers #1 - Marvel

All I can say about this book is . . Wow! Ed Brubaker starts off this series on sprint, and, as with the Dark Avengers series . . Mike Deodato is doing an exemplary job with the art. Truly . . Wow! Steve's put his team together to be . . 'A strike-force . . off the books . . stealth tactics and preemptive intervention. We go where we're needed and perform surgical strikes.' This month they go after a Roxxon executive who happens to be holding the Serpent Crown. The problem is . . it's not. It's similar, but . . this is something different. When they break in to Roxxon and do a little data-mining, they find out that something happened at the Mars mining operation. The operation was shut down completely about the same time that talk started circulating about them having this artifact. And, all of the people that had been working there seem to have disappeared off the books. So, while Steve's team consists of Black Widow, the Valkyrie, the Beast, Sharon Carter, War-Machine, Ant-Man and Moon Knight, none of them are suited for deep-space exploration. So that's where Steve's other secret member comes in . . Nova. He goes to Mars for some reconnaissance, but is met with more resistance than he's expecting. They find technology that's millions of years old. Pre-Celestial in origin. And Nova stumbles across a chamber. A chamber with a similar crown that he cant' seem to stop himself from putting on his head. Which changes Steve's mission. Now he's on search & rescue. Meanwhile this whole issue Steve and his group have been shadowed by another organization. I assumed that it was HYDRA, or COBRA, or something. But on the final page we see that it's the Shadow Council, and the person that's been tailing them is none other than . . Nick Fury. That's an interesting development. I thought this was a fantastic issue, and a great way to start this series. It definitely gave us a lot to think about, and I can't wait for more.

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