Monday, May 31, 2010

Batman: the Return of Bruce Wayne #2 - DC

After traveling forward in time, from the caveman days, Bruce seems to have landed back in Gotham . . in the Puritan days. We don't know for sure, but I think the last part of the story also took place in Gotham. His energies seem to be centered there. Anyways, not knowing who he is, he's passed himself off as Brother Mordecai. He's come down from Boston, and he's there to help rid the town of witches. When he arrived, there was a woman at the lake where he appeared, and a giant beast coming after him from under the waters. The story in Gotham is interesting, but I think the most important part of the story is the events that happen at Vanishing Point. It appears that Superman, Green Lantern, Booster Gold and Rip Hunter have gone there in search of Bruce. The problem is . . there's something going on. Apparently Vanishing Point, and this timeline, only have 9 minutes of existence left. There's no one left at the station except for one bioorganic archivist. A librarian of sorts. But he archives all the various time-lines. Like threads on a loom. Superman was hoping that they could use the trail of Omega Energy that Batman is leaving behind to trace his thread. But it appears that the archivist is actually Bruce . . or he's somehow connected to him. He also appears to be searching the timeline, and he's looking for the exact moment of Annie's death . . the girl that pulled him from the lake. I'm guessing that he's trying to find that moment because as she's dying, Annie puts a curse on Nathaniel Wayne and all his family . . until the end of time. Back at Vanishing Point, shortly before he Bruce vanishes himself, Superman sees his face and tries to give him a warning. 'He took your memories, relied on your survival instinct . . you've been booby-trapped. Darkseid turned you into a doomsday weapon and aimed you directly at the 21st century. If you go back you'll kill everyone. DON'T DO THIS!!' But if he's at Vanishing Point, then who's back in Gotham. Because at just about that time, Bruce takes another leap forward and ends up at the foot of Blackbeard. I'm thinking there's 2 Bruce's bouncing around through time. That or when Darksied hit him with the beam, he was split in 2. His persona, personality, or ID inhabiting his mortal body . . the one bouncing forward through time. And his thoughts, and reasoning, and memories inhabiting . . something else, that seems intent on reuniting his selves. Which I assume is what will activate this trap that Superman is talking about. Now I could be completely wrong. Because I'm just speculating here. But . . that's the way it looks to me. However, with 6 issues to go, I'm sure were not going to get all the pieces of the puzzle anytime soon. You know how Grant likes to stretch things out. But despite that . . I think he's doing a terrific job with this story. He's keeping things exciting, while giving us just enough of the picture to start to give us a sense of what's going on. Frazer Irving does the art. With he and Andy Kubert doing the covers. I think it's a great series. I'm going to love watching this one play out.

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