Saturday, May 29, 2010

Azrael #8 - DC

We started to see a little of the beginning of this story last issue. It appears that there's one more cult swimming around in the world out there . . along with their own. It's the Cult of the Eighth Deadly Sin. Apparently the Seven Deadly Sins have taken human form, and human hosts. So they're looking to first resurrect the Eighth Deadly Sin, by sacrificing members of their Order of Purity in Europe. And then they plan to use Michael Lane's body as a host for it. We don't really know why they've specifically targeted him, but . . they're doing everything they can to draw him into a trap of their own creation. Their clue, or prophesy is . .'Seven to seven to pray for the eighth at seven and seven before the eighth.' Whatever that means. Anyways, the White Ghost pays Michael a little visit this issue also. He wants Michael to know that the Suit of Sorrows is Ra's al Ghuls. It was stolen from him and then erroneously given to Michael. 'Regardless of your obfuscation, the armor is his. You wear it at his discretion . . until such time as you prove you deserve to own it. By ridding the sorrow from the suit and becoming empowered by it's stolen souls . . rather than burdened by them . . you must die to be reborn.' That's a rather ominous warning. Michael figures out the clues, and of course it's a trap. He doesn't seem to be prepared to face these 7 opponents. And by the end of the issue he appears to be beaten. 'Kneel before the Seven Deadly Sins and accept your role as the Eighth Sin of man. It is a role you are uniquely suited for. You have been a fervent follower of this sin your entire life, Michael Lane. Accept your destiny now as the Eighth Sinner. And serve as willing host to the last, long unknown sin of man . . the Eighth Deadly sin is FAITH!' Huh? Well I hope next issue explains what that is all about. Fabian Nicieza is weaving a nice little tale here which I assume is purposed with explaining more to us about this character . . and the suit of sorrows. It seems like all Michaels's done is been pushed around since he donned this costume. I think it's about time he started pushing back. I enjoy Ramon Bachs pencils on this issue. They aren't 'flashy' or 'pretty', but . . I think they suit the story quite nicely. They have a raw, kind of gritty feel to them. And I love these covers by Francesco Mattina. I still kind of question how long this series will actually last. I don't know that it has the staying power of other characters. But no matter what happens, it should be an interesting ride in the meantime.

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