Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dark Avengers #16 - Marvel

This is another book that I'm very sad to see go. Against all my initial thoughts of this series . . I really like this one. First, Brian Bendis did a great job with all of these characters. I loved the way he handled each and every one of them. And Mike Deodato just did an astounding job with the art of each and every issue. Despite all evidence to the contrary . . I think this team actually worked . . on some level. Anyways, this issue just basically wraps up what's going to happen to each of them. Obviously Norman has been put in jail. And the Sentry, right now, seems to have been dispersed . . his energy vaporized when he took down Asgard. But . . he's come back before, so . . we'll see. Moonstone and Bullseye try to make a break for it, but the new New Avengers quickly bring them down. The only one who really gets away is Daken. He hides in the shadows and assumes the role of one of the soldiers. He then simply grabs a jeep and takes off. But that's what Daken does. He survives. He's like a cockroach. But we don't have to go far to catch up with him, he's currently in the Dark Wolverine title, and Wolverine Origins. So it's not like he's gone very far. And Victoria Hand . . well, she's also landed on her feet. She starts out being interrogated by Steve, but by the time it's over . . he's offering her a job. 'Take a long weekend. Shower. Get ahold of yourself. And call your parents. I'll see you for your next assignment bright and early Monday morning.' And finally we see that Norman is struggling even more with his alter ego. In the cell they share, he's tormenting Norman incessantly. When Norman tells him to leave him alone, he replies . . 'Can't! I'm stuck here!' I really, really enjoyed this series. And I thought Brian and Mike did a great job of wrapping everything up. Brian will be moving on to one of many series . . I'm sure. But Mike will be doing the art on the Secret Avengers. That one I'll be picking up. Like I said . . this was a series that shouldn't have worked. But it did. And now . . it's over. 'Norman has left the building!'

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