Sunday, May 23, 2010

First Wave #2 - DC

So far we know that this series takes place on another world . . an Elseworld, if you will, that appears to be set in the 40's or 50's. But they have a lot of our recent technology. As far as phones, computers and CDs. Doc Savage and the Spirit have been around for awhile, but the Batman is just getting started. Also, we find out this issue, that Richard Benson, the Avenger, is also around and operating Justice Inc. . . a detective, crime-fighting type group. And the Blackhawks seem to be some kind of covert operation . . mercenaries, working for whomever will pay the highest price. As with any story by Brian Azzarello, we're fed a whole lot of information this issue. But we don't know yet how it all fits together. Doc Savage's men, Ham and Monk, are trying to hire Benson for some 'ill-orthodoxed behavior'. They want him to impersonate someone. Meanwhile, the Spirit, having crossed paths with the Blackhawks last issue, is trying to recover and figure out what they were after. But he won't have to wait long because they soon come after him. Apparently this all has to do with Dr Richtor, Dr Gaul and NeoAtlantis . . an underwater city that they're working on. But another of their associates, Littlejohn, took off with a bunch of thier information. He has ended up at a plantation on the northern border of Hildalgo. He thinks he's been rescued, but apparently even these people, in this remote location, are working for whomever is behind all of this. It appears that the Batman has yet to cross paths with these other crime-fighters. But since Clark Savage Sr is now in Gotham . . it's probably only a matter of time before everything converges here. We only see him for one panel this issue, but . . he's doing his usual back-alley head-busting routine. We also only see Doc Savage when he comes to the Spirit's rescue. Unfortunately, we probably won't really know what's going on until issue #4 of this series. Brian doesn't like to show his cards to soon. But, with all the characters that we have available to us here . . it sure won't be a boring ride. And Rags Morales is doing an incredible job with the art. I've been a fan of Rags for a long time. I think he's a hugely underrated talent. But this issue is easily some of his best work to date. The whole issue looks great, but the page with the Batman is exceptional. This series is definitely a classic in the making.


  1. i am really liking this

    i just wish this was regular series

    nice review

  2. I do to. It has a little bit of everything. And like I said, Rags' art was fantastic.