Tuesday, May 11, 2010

JSA All-Stars #6 - DC

The problem I have with this book is . . I really want to like it. I really do. But I'm having a hard time getting in to it. But I'm not exactly sure why. I mean . . I like the characters. And theoretically this team should be fantastic. I guess I'm kind of thinking that there's just to much going on. Ever since issue #1 this team has been pretty much at full tilt. So while they're technically a team . . and Karen is trying to push them like crazy to be a team . . I guess I just haven't really seen that cohesiveness or teamwork. You know what I mean? And I don't even want to get started about the whole Magog thing. Magog is a solo character. Period! He can do team-ups every now and then . . I like him and the Shield together, but generally . . Magog does not play well with others. And he doesn't even try. I think it was a huge waste of time to have him in the first couple issues of this book. And then this issue Karen tells him, 'I'm willing to give you another chance, you know.' Is she crazy? How many times does she have to get whacked up side the head before she learns? However, having said all of that . . I am looking forward to the next story-arc. Apparently these first 6 issues all took place before Blackest Night. So Damage has been in all of them, including this one. But next issue we'll see what happened to Damage from their point of view, and we'll find out what happens to him after Blackest Night. Yes, I know . . it seems a little late for a Blackest Night cross-over, but . . Damage is a . . well, damaged character. And I think that makes him interesting. I don't know. Like I said . . I want this book to work. And I want to like it. But . . I'm just not there yet. Maybe it's Matthew Sturges stories. I don't know. But I am enjoying Freddie Williams II's art. I really like the style that he's using on this book. And the back-up story has me a little confused also. I like it. It's interesting. I think Jan Van Meter has taken a little bit of a different approach to the story. But it feels like Liberty Belle and Hourman are going to be Icicle and Tigress' BFFs. They get more comfortable with each other every issue. I just seems a little strange to me. Travis Moore does the art for this part. I really hope this book gets some steam going. Right now it's just kind of boring. And predictable. Sorry!

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