Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hellblazer #267 - Vertigo

John's kind of gone off the deep end here. I don't know if it's bad mojo or bad magic. Or maybe he's just taken to many hallucinogens. But whatever the case . . he thinks, and sees, the city disappearing . . piece by piece. Almost as if there's some giant invisible demon biting off chunks of it. He thinks it's because of Epiphany. He thinks that she's mucking about with his noodle a bit, because of the way he treats her. But nothing he does seems to be helping. He's put wards on the walls of his room. Hell, he's even painted it on his face. But he just can't get the nightmare to stop. In fact, I would've thought it all a dream except that he talks to his mate Chas, and in turn he talks to Epiphany. So if he is having a dream, it's a waking dream. And one that only he can see. Anyways, he visited Epiphany the night before because he started to notice that something was wrong. He was agitated and rather paranoid. He doesn't remember it, but he beat her up pretty badly. The next day as the affects increase he can't help but think of her. He feels guilty, but . . he's also convinced that she's somehow involved. But now he doesn't know if it's her doing the actions, or someone trying to get to her. Or maybe . . keep her away from him. Whichever way . . he worries about her safety. The episode leaves him tied to a bed in a mental facility. But you know John, even in his diminished state he can't help but try to throw a wrench into things. So he starts using the people in the hospital around him, and he reaches out for . . Shade, the Changing Man. I'm not sure what he's going to do to help him, but . . he's pretty intent on getting his attention. I think Peter Milligan does an incredible job with this book. I've been thrilled with every one of his story-arcs, and . . if you look back over the last year or so, all the separate chapters are interconnected. It's like a bit jigsaw that we're gradually being shown the picture. After Simon Bisley's run at the art, Giuseppe Camuncoli and Stefano Landini are providing the visuals now. This is an excellent title. Anyone that's not reading it . . doesn't know what they're missing.

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