Monday, May 31, 2010

Project Superpowers: Chapter Two #9 - Dynamite Entertainment

As we head towards issue #12, and the end of this second chapter, we are starting to get a lot of little revelations about some of these characters. First, as you can see by the cover, Kid Terror is back from the dead. If he ever really was dead. He was also in the urn and maybe he just had a hard time finding his way back to the rest of the heroes. But, we already have a Kid Terror. And he's been hanging out with the Inheritors. Well . . it turns out that was actually Dynamic Kid posing as Kid Terror, to put a spy behind enemy lines. Enemies of the Supremacy, I mean. Which explains why Cat-Man was acting so primal. He knew that he wasn't the real deal. All of this comes while a large portion of the heroes are trying to face down Zeus. Meanwhile the Huntsman is throwing around accusations that the 'Devil is not who he says he is. He claims that he is not Bart Hill. But since the 'Devil doesn't talk, he can't really defend himself. During all of this, Black Terror introduces the rest of the gang to the new American Crusader, Marcus. Also the Green Lama and the Black Terror come to blows because Bob is unhappy that Jet has given the Pentagon back to the people. And Jet is unhappy that Bob left when they needed him most. Even if he was going off to help Archie. And the Supremacy has been keeping an ever vigil eye on all of this. They don't like the recent developments, but they think they're still salvageable if Dynamic Man takes his seat on the Supremacy and uses all of his resources to bring down the heroes facing Zeus. They're then hoping to open a dialogue with the god himself. But it seems that Dynamic Man is starting to question all of this. He doesn't want to sacrifice his brothers and sisters. 'I've allowed myself . . all of Dynamic Forces . . to be controlled. We are not machines. Only mechanical beings. Only artificial bodies. But not machines. I was a hero once. A long time ago. I saved lives . . helped people . . I'd like to do that again.' Meanwhile Zeus, tired of the fray, uses his 'god-fire' to bring down all of the heroes. 'Let's put your immortality to a test. Shall we?' As the issue ends, the only one left standing in defiance is Kid Terror . . the Dynamic Kid version. This was another great chapter in this series. Alex Ross and Jim Krueger did a great job with the story. And I think Edgar Salazar's art improves with every issue. Also . . I loved the cover. The only thing I don't like about this book . . I keep going to Wikipedia to try to find out more and more about the history and time-line of these characters. It's a daunting process, but . . kind of fun too. Unfortunately I only have the time to do it in little pieces.

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