Sunday, May 23, 2010

Adventure Comics #11 / #514 - DC

Everything with the Legion Espionage Squad comes to fruition this issue. So, I'm guessing, that they're no longer going to be involved in the Earth-war with New Krypton. Which is fine. They were really only involved because of Brainiac, anyways. Apparently when RJ Brande died, the founder of the Legion, he left specific instructions in his will. And this goes back all the way to the Lightning Saga in Action Comics a few years ago. His first priority was for Veep, Chameleon Boy . . his son, to take one of the cities, Tenz, to the planet that would become New Durla. Also because one of the Kel'Par, Queltop Daggle, was Cham's ancestor. Then Mon El would take the rest of the cities throughout the galaxies and help establish the new home-worlds of Rimbor, Cargg, Xanthu, Bismoll, Imsk, Phlon, Zoon and Titan. The last of which was the hardest for Mon El because he had to convince Jemm, King of Saturn, to allow him to enlarge the city on his moon. After all that was done, most of the Legionnaires returned to the 31st century. All except for Veep. He had one more mission. He had to save Mon El. The serum that Brainiac 5 had sent to him, for the lead poisoning, has begun to wear off. But before he dies, he'd gotten the information for Natasha Irons on where the base was where the gorilla scientist had experimented on him. He wanted to go back there because the gorilla had eluded to experimenting on another Daxamite . . a female. Which is also why he had asked for Connor's help in repairing his ship. He wanted it to be able to return to the stars, but not with him . . with the female Daxamite that he rescued. She'd been there for quite a while. I guess she also appeared in 2003's Human Defense Corps mini series. After she leaves, he's about to give in to the illness when Veep shows up and offers him a way out . . the Phantom Zone. Apparently only he can help out Mon El with this because the Zone is closed off to the 21st century. It takes quite a bit of convincing, but . . he finally talks him in to it. And once again Mon El has to experience the loneliness of the Zone. But we also get the image of him coming out, centuries later, to get his first look at the Legion. I guess it's assumed that he had forgotten all of this during his time of isolation. Oh yeah, and during all of this Brainiac 5 helps to transport his ancestor back to Colu, where he'll be imprisoned in a thought-cell. But Brainy is almost over confident. He wants to ask him some questions, so he brings him around just enough to provide some answers. But Brainiac tries to make a break for it. Luckily, Vril Dox, another of Brainy's ancestors, shows up to complete the transport. After which Brainy returns himself to the future. All of this was told in 2 different tales. One by Sterling Gates and Travis Moore. The second by James Robinson and Bernard Chang. All in all I thought it was a great issue. It wrapped up a lot of the various story-lines, and basically sets the stage for the new Legion series. Which I can't wait to read. Plus the Legion is still going to be taking up a big part of this series. Paul Levitz will be here scripting their adventures, as well as in their own title. Plus we have an Atom second feature coming up soon. I'm so glad this series is back. Even if we did take an almost 30 year hiatus. Man . . that was a long wait!

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