Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jonah Hex #55 - DC

This story was interesting, although . . a little confusing at first. It's starts out 5 years ago when this little town is bullied by a gang of outlaws. Or course Jonah shows up shortly after the festivities begin, but he's not in time to save a saloon owner and his wife. It turns out that their 5 year old son is also there at the time and witness' everything. The funny part is . .this kid is every bit as lethal and dangerous as is Jonah. In his rage he kicks one of the gang to death. And then he steals Jonah's gun and shoots 3 more. The story then picks up 5 years later when we find that Billy has remained as the proprietor of his family's saloon, and is using his fierce reputation to keep the town safe and clean. But it's only a matter of time before someone bigger, and stronger, and meaner comes after him. And when they do they tie up Billy with dynamite and throw him into the burning building. When this happens, one of the townsfolk comes after Jonah. It seems that one of the women remember Jonah saying, the first time, that he was a little late arriving. She surmises that he was drunk and was waiting to sober up before engaging the gang. She uses this guilt that she assumes that he feels to goad him into a response. Which he does. I thought it was an interesting story by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti showing a hard lesson for Jonah to learn. His actions always have consequences. Even something as silly as being drunk and late to a gun-fight. But I'm sure Jonah feels all the guilt from these various encounters with the nefarious people that he always seems to be running in to. And I'm sure he feels the weight of all his actions. It's probably why he drinks so much. He's probably just trying to dull the roar that's been building in his head over the years. And even when he does get payback, it has to weigh on him because of the extent and extreme measures that he sometimes has to go to when exacting that retribution. Anyways, enough heavy stuff. It was an interesting tail about a short lived western personality . . Billy Dynamite. After I understood the jumping around in the time-line, I thought the story was interesting and come together nicely. I also enjoyed Vicente Alcazar's art. It was actually pretty cool looking. Also, there's some other Jonah Hex news. As well as the movie due out this summer, it appears that there's some stop-motion comics out there on the web. They're at the WB website. It says to go to www.theWB.com/JonahHex. It's 3 new tales told in 7 episodes. I'm sorry . . the trailer is on the WB. You have to download the episodes from iTunes. Anyways, if somebody checks them out, let me know if they're any good. Ok? Also . . this is the shortcut for the movie trailer http://thewb.com/shows/jonahhex/jonah-hex-theatrical-trailer/0c1bc479-502d-4601-ba0d-f4e04223a070. Enjoy!

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