Saturday, May 29, 2010

Justice League of America #45 - DC

I'm so glad that Mark Bagley is doing the Justice League now. First of all . . he's just an incredible talent. Secondly, now that he's not doing a weekly series, and is back to once a month . . you can tell by the quality of his work that he's putting so much more in to it. Not only that . . the guy works so fast that we get an extra 8 pages of story in each issue. DC's format for the $3.99 books is to put a back-up story in the extra 8 pages. Well in this book, those pages go straight into the main story, and . . it's all done by Mark. And it all looks fantastic. Not to mention, we get 5 full-page panes and 1 double-page spread . . of Power Girl. Anyways, this issue . . Jennie Lynn is back. Apparently when she first came back she appeared in outer space and decided to spend some time on OA before returning to Earth. Hence her appearances near the end of the Blackest Night story-line. But now she's come back, and she's brought the Star-heart with her. You know, that's the source of Alan's power. Well . . she didn't actually bring the Star-heart. It's more like the Star-heart brought her. I guess it found her on OA, captured her, and then made a bee-line for 'daddy'. The Justice Society has also shown up. With the Star-hearts return, Alan's power have gone all wonky. Faust has also joined them in the fun . . Sebastian, not his father Felix . . because he has sensed that all the stuff that is happening is going to bring about the end of the world. Our team also has to deal with Die Rakete-Auslese. Basically, it's the German version of the Russian's Rocket Red program. When Jennie, and the Star-heart, crash land they did so in the Black Forest of Germany. Then, add to all of this, the return of the Star-heart seems to be affecting people strongly influenced by magic, all over the globe. The most immediate threat is Power Girl when she shows up on a real tear. She is definitely not in control of her emotions or actions. She takes out the JSA's plane and then goes right after Jennie. Supergirl shows up shortly behind her, trying to stop her, and a battle of Kryptonian proportions ensues. However, when Batman has a second to think he quickly takes Karen down with a burst from Jennie . . also with powers magical in nature. However, by this time, not only is Alan under the Star-heart's influence, but so to is Obsidian. And the people most influenced by it's powers seem to be Shango, Zachary Zatara, Jason Woodrue and Firehawk. We also get a lot of background stuff . . Alan's origin . . the origin and powers of the Star-heart. We even get a little bit of the history between Sebastian and Felix. By the end of the issue, the Star-heart seems to have taken over Alan completely . . and he appears donned in green armor. Kind of like the stuff Hal wore when he was controlled by Parallax. I thought it was a great issue. I think James Robinson did a fantastic job with the dialogue and interaction between all of these characters. I especially liked the way that he showed the strongest willed members, Batman and Congorilla, butting heads. 'I don't recall when Bill got put in charge of our membership drive.' It did seem like Bill was awfully quick in stepping up to the plate and taking charge. But we all know that Batman calls the shots . . especially in these combat situations. I always thought that Brian Bendis and Mark made a good team. But now . . now I think James and Mark make a better one. The Justice League is coming back into it's own. And with these 2 at the helm . . it should be a hell of a ride. Oh yeah, I almost forgot . . we also get 2 great covers by Mark and David Mack. I don't know which one I liked better. This months Supergirl, or last month's Jade.

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