Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ultimate Spider-man #10 - Marvel

I love this book. My only complaint about this issue is that David Lafuente's art seemed a little rushed in spots. There were a few panels that weren't exactly up to snuff. But other than that . . this was a great issue. We ended last issue with some government agents coming into Peter's classroom and trying to arrest Kitty. Out of all the people in that same class . . Peter, Johnny, Bobby, Gwen . . it's Kenny that ends up jumping up to Kitty's aid. Of course she goes intangible and gets away. And the boys all go in search of her. They feel terrible about what's happened. But when they finally catch up to her . . well, they go to her house looking for her, they find that mysterious character that's shown up a few times in the past. You know . . the one in the red cloak? The one that helped MJ when those guys were going to attack her. Well it turns out . . that's actually Kitty. She's now able to make herself super-strong, and super-dense. 'It's called training. I trained myself. I can make myself intangible. So I thought, what if I can focus it the other way? And I can.' And something else she can do is get really pissed at the boys for not jumping in to help her out. I think she knows that there was nothing that they could really do, but right now she's really pissed that she's been singled out. And I'm sure she's feeling betrayed. Even after she fights the, they still go looking for her. But right now . . she just wants to be left alone. The world has changed an awful lot for her in the last year. But there's even more bad news. MJ goes home and finds out that she accidentally taped the entire incident in the classroom. Now she just has to figure out what to do with the tape. If she goes public . . with it help Kitty, or hurt her? Like I said . . I thought it was a great issue. I think Brian Bendis does an incredible job with this series. And I actually do like David's art. It just seemed rushed in spots. But I still thought it was a great issue.

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