Tuesday, May 11, 2010

the Authority #22 - WildStorm

Before I get started . . I just want to say that I did enjoy Tom Taylor's story here. The content seemed a little . . sparse, to me. But I enjoyed the way he handled the characters . . both interaction and dialogue. Mike S Miller does the art, and . . I think that was the best part of the book. There's a few little things . . picky things, that I could comment on, but overall . . I think this guy shows some great talent and potential. He definitely has an Image style to him. Anyways, having said that . . this book really boils down to 2 things. First there's the infestation of the Carrier by the Night Tribes. Apparently some of them had been holed up in the bowels of the ship, and the recent insurrection and fighting amongst it's passengers have stirred them up. Christine has sent some of her finest fighters to try and quell the uprising, but 3 against a tribe doesn't stand much of a chance. Meanwhile, Angie has been looking into her own way of purging the problem. Also, Angie seems to be having a problem of her own. Her personality seems to be more that of the Carrier's than her own. So her thinking isn't carrying much emotion. Her first idea is to vent all the compartments carrying these vermin into space. Of course that means that any of the passengers in those areas will also be dumped into space. She does this a couple of times, to Christine's chagrin, but finally comes up with the solution to make herself, and the Carrier, crystalline. Thereby allowing the light of a nearby star to pass through the ship. And we all know what sunlight does to vampires. Anyways, during the course of all this, they discover that River, the soul of the new Millennium, is hiding down there somewhere and masking his presence. Because she's afraid that he'll be caught up in all the purging, Christine begs John, the High, to let her reactivate his powers. Eventually she does, and he then goes in to save the boy. Which is the second important thing that happened this issue. My only problem with all of this is . . why didn't Angie think of the crystalline idea in the first place? I guess maybe it was a way to show us the struggle between her own personality and that of the Carrier. Plus, I guess, they weren't actually in the star system at the time. And during this flip-flopping, Jack implies that he has the power to stand up against Angie . . thinking of the box he has hidden on the Carrier. But we still don't know what it is or how he's going to use it. Anyways, I thought it was an ok book, but . . it was a little disappointing to me. I just don't feel like we made much progress in the story. They took care of the Night Tribes . . which just popped up last issue, and John was reactivated. That was about the extent of it. Maybe that was just some loose ends that needed to be tied up. Hopefully we'll get more substance next issue.

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