Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wolverine #900 - Marvel

This was an ok book . . for what it was. It had some bright spots, and some boring ones. I just take exception to this whole issue #900 gimmick. I haven't bought in to any of the other ones, and I don't really understand why they can't just call it a Giant-Sized, or Annual or something. It's a gimmick and I don't like gimmicks. It serves no purpose, and has no affect on the book. Other than having the #900 icon splashed across the top corner. Oh yeah . . whoop-de-frickin-hoo . . they want to be the first ones to publish an issue #900. And yes, I know this isn't the first one. Ok . . I'm done with my rant. Sorry! Anyways, the first issue of this story was great. It was by CB Cebulski and David Finch. It gave us a little insight into Wolverine's character. The second story was . . ok. I liked the story, but wasn't thrilled with the art. Dean Motter gives us a story about Logan's role as the Black Dragon in Chinatown. That was determined in that whole Manifest Destiny mini-series . . in case you missed it. Logan's kind of a god-father. Greg Scott did the art. In the next story, by Todd DeZago and Jason Craig, we go back to the days of the Morlocks. It was a decent visit. It was nice to see Marrow again. And I thought Jason did a pretty decent job with the art. He's definitely got potential. Next we get a little down time with Logan and his buddy, Chet. He's the friend we never heard of. Turns out he's a mutant, but his powers are only to dampen others within a 10 foot radius. Logan likes to use him to actually get drunk. Marc Bernardin writes it, with Pow Rodrix doing the art. This is another artist that shows a lot of potential. In the next story, Logan helps out a kid and a mother in an abusive relationship. It was touching. Predictable, but cute. It's by Matt Yocum and Jake Bilbao. And then . . we start into the reprints. First we're given a Wolverine / Spider-man story from Amazing Spider-man Extra #2. It's called Birthday Boy, and it's by Zeb Wells and Paolo Rivera. And then we're given a Jeph Loeb / Ed McGuinness story from Wolverine #50. Wolverine has a dream about the Hulk. Which was kind of a let down. And finally we're given a quick, no dialogue story about Logan when he first got out of the Weapon X compound. We're talking immediately after he broke out. He has no clothes on, and there's tubes sticking out of him. The reason there's no dialogue is because he's in that 'primal-rage' mode. Anyways, he comes across a family, that he could've easily taken out, but instead he goes for the bigger threat . . a wolf-pack descending upon them. At the end he still considers the family . . but then he turns and walks away. It's by Karl Bollers and Stephen Segovia. I think Stephen's work is amazing. He also did that Manifest Destiny series. Like I said, overall . . I thought the book was ok. It had some highs and lows. And it was $4.99. But, for having 104 pages of art . . I guess I can't complain all that much.

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