Sunday, May 23, 2010

Black Terror #10 - Dynamite Entertainment

With Alex Ross and Phil Hester writing this book . . of course it's going to be great. But I have to say, this issue the art is done by Wagner Reis. I've never seen his work before, but I thought he did a tremendous job. The whole issue had a really good feel to it, and there were some amazing panels in here. Personally, I'm all about the story. I think the writers make or break the book. But . . no matter how good the story is, it's just much more fun to read when those scripts are interpreted by a very talented artist. This guy's got a bright future ahead of him. Anyways, the Supremacy has a new plan up their sleeves. They've got a shaman in Africa basically trying to gather up all the dreams of the heroes that spent time in the urn. 'These nails are a lightning rod for the ghosts of the living. When a human being grows older the dreams and regrets of the past are cast off, left adrift. This unholy form captures them, tethers them to the physical world.' But the shaman has warned the Supremacy that there's a price to pay for this kind of magic. ' The half-ghosts I call forth will be a beacon to the living who shed them. It is an open wound on their souls. They will come in search of this abomination. No matter where you hide it. They will come in great anger.' But it appears . . that is what the Supremacy is counting on. While the Terror, Masquerade and Pyroman are testing out the Terror's new floating ship, they spot a fire in the city. But near the fire there is a giant apparition that has appeared. The Flame was the first on the scene and it seems to have already defeated him. He tried to fight it by flying inside, but it spit him out . . comatose and powers acting abnormally. Other heroes show up, but nobody knows what to do. So the Black Terror willingly flies in . . to face whatever it has to throw at him. He does fine until he reaches a boy. It's a boy playing with a Black Terror doll. The issue ends with the Black Terror fighting another version of himself. It seems to be having a devastating affect on the apparition and on everything around it. It seems that the Supremacy basically wants to heroes to be fighting themselves . . literally. That way they can defeat and disgrace them without really having to do anything. I thought this was a great issue and I can't wait to read more.

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