Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ex Machina #49 - WildStorm

I love this book! But . . I hate that there's only 1 issue left. I guess I can see how it kind of needs to wrap up, but . . you'd think there would be a spin off. Or a continuation under another name. I sure hope that the Great Machine, Mayor Hundred, doesn't get killed at the end. But . . it does look like he's going to be arrested.
Anyways, the ironic part about all of this is that it looks like, at one time . . the Mayor and Suzanne may have had a relationship. I'm guessing that they put it on hold because of his election . . and the conflict with her being a journalist. But he promised her that she'd be the first person he'd call when he left office. However, with the events of this story-line . . it looks like that decision may be taken out of their hands. So . . last issue, Suzanne made her play to put NYC into a bit of chaos. She sent out a signal over the radio waves, that put a whole lot of people under her influence. But the Great Machine has a way of counter-acting that . . a device that he and Kremlin made when they had to stop Pherson. So now he just has to stop Suzanne, and save January. Suzanne had already taken the gun that was the opener for the other dimension. But she didn't know, until the Great Machine finds her at Coney Island, that his back-pack was the actual power-source. She also has another piece of insurance, the Nullifier. So while she's tying to open the doorway, the Great Machine won't be able to stop her. The problem is . . the Mayor is . . well, a politician . . he lied. 'Really? That thing would cancel out my voice? Kremlin and Bradbury were always scared of what I might do with unchecked power. So was the election board. So I told them all I invented a 'Nullifier'. But really . . it's just a piece of an old garage door opener. Doesn't even have batteries in it.' Instead of interrupting the process, he lets her continue and then tosses her through. But it's not a dimension of angels and prophesy. Instead . . it looks like a realm of demons. 'This . . this isn't how it looked in my head. Nah! That . . that burns. Please! This isn't right! You can't do this to me! I'm Press! I"M PRESS!!' And then he closes it up. January thinks he's her hero. But by the time all of this has happened, the Commissioner has shown up with a couple of Police Officers, and cross-bows, to arrest the Mayor. What a fantastic way to go into the last issue. I think Brian K Vaughn and Tony Harris have had a masterpiece here ever since day 1. The stories are touching, relevant and full of escapism and irony. Not to mention exciting and entertaining. What more could a comic-geek like me ask for in a book? I'm really going to miss this one. But . . I'm glad I came along for the ride. Couldn't last forever. Right?

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