Sunday, May 23, 2010

the Flash #2 - DC

Last issue ended with the Flash being confronted by the Rogues. But . . not the Rogues that he knows. At least not now . . in this time-period. It's actually the 25th Century Reverse Flash Task Force . . the Renegades. Or . . RFTF, for short. And one of the members . . the Mirror Monarch has been killed. And they're here to bring his killer to justice . . the Flash. How do they know this? 'According to the Trixsters time-scope you will murder Mirror Monarch in approximately eighty-four days, seven hours and thirty-three minutes. All relative to us, of course.' But, again, we run into one of those time travel stories that leaves us with more questions than answers. Such as . . don't they think it's rather convenient that if the Mirror Monarch was killed in the future, how he ended up in the here and now? And if these guys can travel through time . . going anywhere they want . . why have they come back to this time to arrest the Flash, instead of just going to the day when the Mirror Monarch was actually killed? In the future. Not the far future . . but still. You'd think there would be more clues, or forensics, wherever, or whenever this actually happened. But I guess all the answers to those questions will unfold as does the story. Unfortunately, when Barry does actually get back to the crime-lab, and forensics has had a chance to go over the Mirror Monarch's body . . they find a drop of blood. And, of course . . it's Barry's. Meanwhile, in Iron Heights, Digger Harkness has been reincarcerated after becoming reincarnated. Don't you think that dying would be considered as time served? Anyways, they want to experiment on him. To find out why and how he came back to life. But . . the Rogues come to his rescue. Kind of. They're upset about how sloppy he became shortly before dying. So before they'll accept him back into the Rogues, they've decided to test him. 'The Flash is back. We need Captain Boomerang back, too. But you need to prove that you're still a Rogue. This time you break out of Iron Heights yourself . . and then you make the Flash sweat.' I'm glad that Geoff Johns is writing this series, because . . if it was anybody else, I'd be concerned about where they're going with all of this. But since he's had experience with Booster Gold . . hopefully he has a plan, and it'll all come together. I know these time-travel stories have to be meticulously planned out, but . . sometimes it just feels like they throw all the pieces in the air and them scramble trying to put everything all back together. I trust that Geoff doesn't approach it that way, but . . sometimes I wonder if they're worth the effort. However, despite having said that . . I like this series and I'm glad that Barry is back. My only complaint . . and it's a small one, is that I'm still trying to get use to Francis Manapul's interpretation of this character. Don't get me wrong . . I appreciate Francis' talent, but . . his style with this character is so different from anything done in the past . . it just doesn't fit right for me. Yet! But I'm sure it will with time. And . . I still think that Wally needs to have his own series.

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